A new route: sewing knits! Simplicity 1255


November 30, 2014 by Janna Roznos

Back when patterns were on sale at JoAnn’s – Wait? What am I saying? Aren’t there always some patterns on sale at JoAnns?




I purchased these two Simplicity patterns for two reasons: 1) they are both for knits and I want to improve my knit sewing skills and 2) they were on sale $1.00 each.

This Simplicity pattern no. 1255 is relatively easy. The pants and skirt have an elastic waistband and although the top has a back zipper I just sewed –actually serged- it without the zipper and it fits fine.




The pattern – at least for the top, is nicely drafted (everything fit together) and I serged this top in an evening. So it is very quick to make. I think it took longer to lay out the fabric and cut it then it did to serge the garment.

I used a four thread serge stitch on my machine, which worked fine with this heavy knit fabric.

The fabric I purchased at Michael Levine’s Loft (in Los Angeles) some time ago and since they sell the fabric by the pound (vs. the yard) I think I ended up with over six yards of this fabric, so don’t be surprised if a few more garments pop up in this fabric.

Besides omitting the back zipper, the other change I made was to ignore the side slits. I just serged the side seams to the bottom and then turned up the bottom hem at 1”. Other than that, the pattern is what came from the envelope.

I used the coverstitch on the hems (bottom, sleeve and around the neck) and since I used black thread it really can’t be seen too well – thank goodness, otherwise all my coverstitch mistakes would be screaming off the garment!

Would I make this again? Yes. Would I recommend this pattern? Yes. It’s a great top.

And here is the gratuitous picture with my very old and very sick cat.



And, now back to sewing!

6 thoughts on “A new route: sewing knits! Simplicity 1255

  1. Annette Siverson says:

    Your blouse is gorgeous, and your cat looks like my Chessie. You can see Chessie in my Avatar on PR. Anyway, TFS! Annette

    • Janna Roznos says:

      Chessie – what a great name 🙂 My cat, Fitzwilliam, is 17 years old and has kidney failure. Right now we are just trying to keep him comfortable – funny thing, though, his illness hasn’t affected his meowing – BOY! Can he still MEOW!!!!

      • Mary B. says:

        I found your blog via a link from another one — great top! But I really have to comment on how much your cat looks like my Googs (short for “Great Googily Moogily”). Her kidney failure was managed for many years with subcutaneous fluids. Have you tried that for treatment? It has worked with varying amounts of success for my other cats, but it worked very well for Googs, so I thought I would mention it. Fitzwilliam is a handsome cat! 😎

      • Janna Roznos says:

        Thank you for the suggestion. So far, Fitzwilliam is doing pretty good. He was always an ornery cat and he is even more so now! But, I still love him.

  2. Faye Lewis says:

    i’m contemplating making this top – you did a great review!

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