A McCalls Blouse for a change


November 24, 2014 by Janna Roznos

Who doesn’t like a nice fitting stylish blouse? I can never seem to have enough comfortable woven blouses in my wardrobe to either dress up with a nice skirt and heels or go casual with jeans and sneakers.



I like the style of this McCalls blouse when I was perusing through the pattern catalog.


McCalls 6436

McCalls 6436

The pattern is broken down into the usually sizing: 8 though 16 but also by bust size A/B,C,D cup sizes. I’ve seen this on some independent patterns and I suppose the BIG 4 re now following suit. I must confess, I don’t sew the Big 4 that often since I a substantial library of Burda Style pattern magazines still to sew. However for this pattern I did the following:

After I sewed up a muslin to check the fit, I made the following changes:

  • 1” side seams which I ended up sewing at approximately 5/8 inches.
  • The collar, collar band and neck edge I reduced the seam allowances down to 3/8 inches, which seams easier for me to sew.
  • The cuffs didn’t fit the sleeve. Not sure how I screwed that up so I had to take an extra pleat in the blouse sleeve to get the cuff to fit.
  • I also shortened the blouse by about 4 inches after I had it all sewn together.
  • I sewed size 12 – B cup for my high bust but transition to size 14 to my middle and hips.


Other than that the blouse was really easy to sew up. The instructions seem fine although I didn’t really look at them too much – maybe that’s why I screwed up the cuff . . .

The fabric came from one of my favorite stores:


We were in San Francisco this last fall and of course I have to go visit Britex! This fabric came form their remnant section; I always seem to find something on the top floor. Of course I find a lot on all the other floors, too, but I do hold myself back.


I did ask DH to take some snaps of me in the blouse but since he had our very old and very sick cat on his lap:


He just took pictures from the chair and so they didn’t really turn out so well. But I think you get the idea.



Another great blouse for my wardrobe.


On to other pressing sewing matters . . . Vogue 9035




I’m still on the ‘fence’ about this one. Not sure if I am going to go forward and sew it up in fashion fabric or try and make another muslin. Seriously, three muslins to get a good fit? I think that’s overkill. I should just cut my losses, but the pattern is still lingering in my mind and I bought fabric for it (the jacket and the pants) when I was at Britex so . . . . . all I can say is stay tuned.




2 thoughts on “A McCalls Blouse for a change

  1. Tia Dia says:

    It’s lovely. I don’t have enough shirts in my closet – only one, to be exact. Your fabric choice for this is perfect.

  2. Janet says:

    I love Marcy Tilton. I didn’t buy this pattern. I would love to see it made up! 3 muslins on the jacket or the pants?

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