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November 29, 2013 by Janna Roznos

It has been awhile since I have blogged about sewing or anything else.  Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging.

But, I am back.  And, I am back to my Burda Quest for 2013 with yet another garment from November issue Burda Style Magazine.

DSC03631Once again, I chose trousers to sew.




Not sure why trousers have become my go-to garment to sew up, but they have, perhaps it is my need in my wardrobe right now or the fact, that I really do like the fit and style of Burda’s trouser patterns.


These trousers are a bit out of my usually comfort color zone, but Hey! Sometimes ya got to step out of the box. Or in my case out of the drab one color fabric into prints!

I bought this fabric on a whim one day when I was in JoAnn’s Fabric Store. I had gone just for thread and I saw this on the bolt of fabric and I thought: GOT-TO-HAVE!

This is a lightweight corduroy so it was probably designed for a jacket or a shirt, maybe not for trousers. So, I am not sure how well these will wear. If I get one season out of them – I’ll be happy.  This lightweight corduroy is actually the perfect weight for southern California since it does get cold here, but not all that cold.

I made quite a few changes to the pattern, too.

I extended the back crotch curve by ½ inch. This gives me a tad bit more room for my backside.  I also straighten the back leg inseam just a bit, too.

I dropped the waist down by approximately two inches.

I drafted a contour waistband, which is about two inches tall.


A two inch waistband is much more comfortable on me than a one inch waistband, which seems to be sort of the standard in patterns and RTW trousers.  Also, since I drafted the waistband to fit ‘me’ (and all my bumps and budges) the waistband is comfortable and doesn’t bind, pinch or even roll.

I didn’t use any interfacing in the waistband, but rather just twill tape at the top edge.


The waistband is comfortable without the interfacing and the twill tape prevents it from stretching. Although, interfacing would probably have given the waistband a bit more structure.   I also used twill tape on the pocket edges to prevent them from ‘bagging’ out and stretching.


I did sew the pattern with cuffs.


This is the first pair of trousers I have had (sewn or purchased) since about 1989 with cuffs.  I was told once by a beauty consultant that I should never wear cuffed pants since cuff pants will make me look shorter. Yeah, I believed her! And, I never wore cuffed pants again.  However, now I like the look of cuffed pants and if I look shorter in them – oh well!

I also added flapped pockets on the back.

Yep, there is a back pocket there - just can't see it!

Yep, there is a back pocket there – just can’t see it!


I rarely – if ever- put anything in the back pockets of my trousers but I also think trousers should have back pockets.

As you can see, I didn’t even try to match the pattern.  I figured there was so much going on it really didn’t matter.

A few more pictures of my trousers:

My backside!

My backside!

The fit may not be perfect (there are a few odd drag lines on the back legs) but the trousers are comfortable to wear and I am happy with them.


My Burda Quest, to sew one garment from each Burda Style Magazine for a year is coming to a close; I have only one more month.  As I was finishing up this post the mail arrived and look what I got:


Got to peruse this issue and see what my next garment will be.

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