Another Silhouette Yoga Pant


September 12, 2013 by Janna Roznos

While I have been waiting for the autumn to arrive, I sewed another yoga pant.

Silhouette 3400 Yoga Pant

Silhouette 3400 Yoga Pant

This is my design:


I used the previous design changes I made for this pattern (the side panel pocket) and just added a cuff at the bottom with some buttons.




The fabric I used, I purchased from Michael Levine Loft in the Fashion District of Los Angeles.

After visiting Michael Levine (Loft and retail store) a few weeks ago I had only come away with three bags of fabric.


I restrained myself.

Anyway, back to the yoga pant.

I wasn’t sure how to do the buttons in a knit so I consulted this book:


It has some great tips on how to sew with knits.  Ultimately though, practice makes perfect and that’s what I need with knits: more practice.

Gimp thread stabilizes the buttonholes in the knit fabric.


I had a moment of hesitation regarding what buttons I should use.


This fabric is a thinner (lighter) weight knit than my last pair and, I am not so thrilled with the color now that the pants are sewn.  The fabric may also be a bit too light (underweight?) for the button cuffs.


Even with these unhappy bits, I don’t think the pants are a total loss.  For the immediate future, they will go into my closet and ferment for a bit at least until the cooler weather arrives.   You never know, after looking at these pants with fresh eyes, I may be just thrilled with them.

I had thought I would make this jacket from this knit too (to go with the yoga pants) but after working with this particular knit I am having second thoughts.


Another sewing project that I have been busy trying to finish  is my rendition of this dress.


I have a dinner/special occasion later this month, which warrants a new dress. Right now the dress is waiting – patiently- on my dress form for me!

But before I can get back to my sewing, my sewing room needs good clean up, particularly the floors so everything is stacked away so I can clean.


For me, a clean sewing room = a better sewing experience ;-).


6 thoughts on “Another Silhouette Yoga Pant

  1. Jan C. says:

    Love these pants, really! I’ve been pondering “design” lately. The modifications you made to these pants are, to me, design! Keep up the good work.

  2. Judith says:

    Love your take on these pants – I am sure they will emerge from your wardrobe and become favourites! I also am a ‘cleaner’ of my little sewing area – it does help to clear the mind ready for the next project. Off to have a peek around your blog … J

  3. I really like your modifications and I think the fabric is really pretty, great job!! I would definitely wear those pants and if you decide you don’t want them after all I would be glad to take them off your hands. 🙂 I am not as adventurous as you are with my sewing patterns but I aspire to get there so viewing how and where others make changes is more helpful to me than I can express. Thank you so much for sharing!!

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