My twist of Vogue and Silhouette Pattern Yoga Pants

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September 5, 2013 by Janna Roznos

I really like this design.

Vogue 8929

Vogue 8929

I have been seeing these sewn up all over the blog-o-sphere.

Vogue 8929

Vogue 8929

My dilemma is that I have promised myself not to buy any more patterns – even if they are on sale! But, I was intrigued by this pant pattern and the more I stared at the croquis the more I thought about how I could take this design and alter it to fit my own pant aesthetic.

So, I sketched out a few ideas:

My pant design sketches.

My pant design sketches.

One of the design elements I wanted was to have the side inset go down the entire leg. I like the long seam down the front.  I also wanted the pocket in the side inset to be the same width as the inset and big enough for my cell phone or car keys but not so big that it bagged out.  I also wanted a band at the ankle and front pockets (just in case I needed to carry more than my cell phone and car keys) and back pockets – just patch pockets like the type of pocket on the back of jeans.

So with these design ideas in mind,  I went through my pattern stash to see if I had anything that would be a good basic pattern that I could manipulate into my drawing.

Silhouette 3400 Yoga Pant

Silhouette 3400 Yoga Pant

This Silhouette Yoga pant pattern is perfect.  It is a basic pant pattern for stretch fabrics primarily ponte roma and it fits well straight out of the envelope, so I didn’t need to alter the pattern (much!) for fit.

I drafted the design changes I wanted and, of course, one of my cats decided to assist me in this, as well.

Cat altered patten piece.

Cat altered patten piece.

I did sew up a muslin in my new design. I used remnants of knit fabrics that I had.


I, also, had a lot of help too!

And, finally I sewed up my redesign of the Yoga pant.


What do I like about my new pants?


Well, everything!


They are comfortable to wear and they fit well.

The fabric came from Michael Levine in Los Angeles.  It is their ponte roma and it is wonderful.  I don’t think I have ever sewn with such luscious stretch fabric before.  It is expensive, so I only bought 2 yards (at 60 inches) so I was just able to squeeze these pants from it, but I didn’t have enough for the back patch pockets.  Oh well, maybe next time.

My shopping trip to Michael Levine was an impromptu event. One of those, I-few-hours-maybe-I’ll-just-pop-downtown-and-pick-up-some-fabric!


Did I ever! I had promised myself to not buy any more fabric until I use up what I already have. That was an empty promise to myself. Unlike the promise of no new patterns. Well, I just needed a bit of retail therapy and there is no better retail therapy than fabric shopping!

I have a few more ideas for different design changes for future yoga pants and am working on those now.

My next pair of yoga pant.

My next pair of yoga pant.

I have also finished my garment from the September Burda Style magazine, which will be my next blog post.  So, stay tuned!


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