Sewing Again: Vogue 8746 Blouse


August 19, 2013 by Janna Roznos

Sometimes in sewing I just need a quick, easy project to regain my momentum and sewing equilibrium.  And, that is Vogue 8746.

Vogue 8746

Vogue 8746

This is a stylish blouse where the bust darts have been rotated to the shoulders in a soft pleat.  I was going to sew up a quick and dirty muslin, but didn’t.  Yes, I know.  I broke my cardinal rule of sewing: Always make a muslin.


I didn’t bother with a muslin since I was using ‘free’ fabric that I recently welcomed into my home.  Actually, this  ‘new-to-me’ fabric is stacked on my laundry table in the basement right now since my fabric closet is crammed to capacity.

I have no idea what this fabric is other than it does launder well and has a nice drape.

I did ‘tissue fit’ the blouse and added 1” side seams.  I used a size 12 for the shoulder area and transitioned to a size 14 for the hips, which is what I usually do for a Vogue pattern.

The buttons I used are from my stash.  For the sleeve I sewed a vent instead of the little bias strip.  I find sewing the bias strips much to fiddly for my skills.


I know the fabric looks blue in this picture but it’s not.  Not sure what happened here with the cell phone camera.

Since I have a broad and rounded back – lucky me!? I usually always add a yoke and then manipulate the yoke seam / back seam to get a good fit, but with this blouse I did something different.


I added a back pleat that started at the neckline and then releases right about half way over the broadest and humpiest part of my back.   I know the picture looks quite wonky, but the blouse fits much better on me than it does on my dress form. I saw this technique on some garments at the last Craft Market in Santa Monica so I had to try it. Rather than take picture of a blouse with this pleat I drew this little picture.

My sketch of the back of  a blouse.

My sketch of the back of a blouse.

I didn’t sew this exactly the way I have drawn it but nonetheless, I feel that I achieved a good fit. I think, too, I added a bit more visual interest, too, particularly, if the person standing behind me in line is a sewist!

My only dislike of the blouse is that the upper sleeves are a tad bit too small.  I don’t think I have particularly large biceps but a squish more room would be nice.  Of course, I would have discovered this if I had taken the time and sewn a muslin (or at the very least done some flat pattern measurements). Or even read the reviews of this blouse on Pattern Review.

Yes, well, another lesson learned: Always make a muslin.  Another lesson I will probably choose to ignore, as well.

6 thoughts on “Sewing Again: Vogue 8746 Blouse

  1. Nice blouse, I know I need something simple that I can whip up in an hour. Feels good to do something simple.

  2. Audrey says:

    This is a really pretty blouse. Thanks for sharing your creative back fitting solution. I have some back curve issues of my own and often use yokes for the same reason you do. Your inset and pleat design is a unique style detail and that it can help with fit, an added bonus..

  3. sewforward says:

    Thank you. I discovered this design while doing a bit of snoop shopping 🙂

  4. I like what you’ve done with the back and the pattern goes really well with that fabric.

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