Colette 1005 – Beignet Skirts


August 3, 2013 by Janna Roznos

I always thought a beignet was akin to a donut that you ate while on vacation in New Orleans. I know I ate quite a few of these when I visited the city years ago.

Image is from Google

Image is from Google

But I was wrong.

A Beignet is a skirt pattern from Colette patterns.

DSC03089Now, I know that probably some of you may already know about Colette patterns. You may know about the website with techniques and pictures of completed garments.  You might own several of their patterns.   And, you’ve probably, more than likely, have participated in a Colette pattern sew along.

Well, not me.

Through my internet sewing- Wait! Wait! Wait! Internet sewing?

Yes! Reading blogs about sewing, i.e., internet sewing.

I had heard about these patterns but hadn’t really looked at them; however, that all changed when I was Pattern Review (PR) Member of the Day last Spring.


So how does this relate to the beignet skirt?  It really doesn’t other than when I was PR Member of the Day, I decide to order some patterns from PR and the Beignet Skirt was one of them.

I was very impressed with the pattern packaging.  All the pattern pieces fit neatly back into the heavy paper envelope.

It is well-drafted and very true to RTW sizing.  For the skirts – Yes! I sewed more than one – I chose size 14 since that is what I wear in RTW and just added 1” side seams for a little fit insurance.

The directions are excellent – just enough detail and very clear diagrams.  Since I mostly sew from Burda Style Magazine I rarely really pay any attention to the sewing instructions, but I must say I enjoyed reading these.  They are well written and very concise.


The denim fabric (for my first skirt) came from my stash- its store of origin is lost among the other pieces of yardage in my Fabric Closet.

The buttons are from my button stash.  I used six buttons of one design and six buttons of another.  It works because they are all the same size (diameter).  And, no I have no idea where I purchased them.


I also used this French themed quilt fabric (my Fabric Closet has some really gems in there!) for the facings.

What I didn’t like about the skirt design is the pockets.  The skirt is drafted with side seam pockets.  I dislike side seam pockets because 1) more than likely that should be a curve seam where the pocket is (at least on me it is) but it is drafted straight to accommodate the pocket and 2) having a pocket on the hip just adds more bulk and there is one thing I don’t need on my hips is bulk.  Got enough of that one my own.

So I redrafted the pockets to be in the front panel of the skirt.


This necessitated a few extra steps in the sewing process, but nothing that slowed me down.


After sewing up the first skirt and wearing it again and again, I decided I needed a second skirt.

So, I chose this orange denim that also was lurking in my fabric closet.

My cat supervised the pocket construction.


The fabric for the second skirt came from Britex Fabrics in San Francisco. I know this, because I had bought this fabric for a specific project in mind but once I got home I decided I didn’t want to make it after all.  Also, the sales women at Britex and my DH (we were on vacation!) had a discussion about baseball while I was shopping. And, the San Francisco Giants Baseball Team color is orange.



I have worn both skirts quite a bit this summer either dressed up for an evening out or casual with flip-flops and a T-shirt. This is really a great pattern and one I would definitely recommend.

Sorry about the fuzzy pictures – camera issues!

9 thoughts on “Colette 1005 – Beignet Skirts

  1. nataliejo210 says:

    I adore this article! Just started a blog and it would mean so much if you could check it out! Followed btw xx love the outfits

  2. sewexhausted says:

    Great skirts… I especially like the French themed fabric you used as facing… Oh, and those puppy print buttons are so cute! Very nice! Both of them… ~Laurie

  3. Heathersmom says:

    Two sleek looking skirts! Fine work on these!

  4. sewbusylizzy says:

    I love the addition of the pockets!

  5. CGCouture says:

    Great skirts! I really like how you changed the pockets. 🙂

  6. Gjeometry says:

    Lovely skirts!! I’m not sure I’ve seen this Colette pattern before. I just love the contrasting fabric you used for the facings, and I’m so glad that kitteh approved of the pocket placement.

  7. sewbarbie says:

    Now that is a very cute skirt, it looks great on you!

  8. Therese says:

    Great skirt! Thanks for sharing your pocket modification. I’ve been surfing the blogosphere hoping to find a good-looking variation of the pockets for this pattern – yours are excellent!

    Cute facing fabric, too!

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