Have you ever had fabric haunt you?


July 25, 2013 by Janna Roznos

One of the great aspects of internet fabric shopping is that I can sit here at my desk with my stack of Burda Style Magazines or my stockpile of patterns and search for just the right fabric for the right garment and achieve the perfect marriage between fabric and pattern with just a few short keys strokes.

Viola! Then the fabric arrives in my mailbox without me even getting out of my pajamas.

Of course, in theory that’s how it should work, but let’s face it.  Or I should say, I need to face it.  I usually abandon my virtual shopping cart ‘cause I already have a closet full of fabric screaming my name. So fabric shopping on the internet is really just daydream sewing for me unless. . .

The fabric haunts me!

And, that is exactly what this fabric did.


I saw this fabric on Marcy Tilton’s website* and I had to have it!  I am not sure why I am lured into a polka dot haze, but I am.  Not all polka dotted fabric make me giddy with delight and forces me to open my wallet and dig out my credit card, but when it does – there is just no stoppin’ me.

So once this fabric arrived, I couldn’t let it sit and stew in my fabric stash so I immediately sewed it up into this blouse.


The blouse pattern is from Burda Style Magazine 4-2010.

Burda Style April 2010

It’s blouse number 115.


It is the second time I have sewn it, however, this time I dropped down a size (I sewed a 42 vs. a 44) and used a 1” seam allowance along the side seams. I think the size 42 fits better in the shoulders on me and the 1” seam allowance allows me to adjust for my mid-section (aka flabby tummy).

I used some buttons I had in my stash.


You guessed it! Polka dot buttons. Maybe too much polka dots!?

Burda patterns usually have a bias strip for the sleeve opening at the cuff, but I omit that and add a sleeve placket instead.  It takes a bit more time during construction but I think it looks better.


I am really happy with the blouse and will probably wear it this weekend, too.

And, I didn’t just buy this polka dot fabric. Oh no!

I also bought this stretch fabric for pants (all washed  and ready to sew) and these polka dot zippers.


I have no idea what I am going to do with these zippers, but I figured why not buy them – they are polka dots!

So now, back to my other sewing projects that I have tossed aside.



* I think this fabric is sold out.  I checked and couldn’t find it on her website. Maybe I got the last two yards? Perhaps there are other sewists out there that have succumbed to a polka dot haze like me.

9 thoughts on “Have you ever had fabric haunt you?

  1. Shams says:

    I love your polka dot top and your polka dot zippers!

  2. sewbarbie says:

    I love this creation! Fabric, pattern and buttons are a perfect marriage. I can’t wait to see it on you.

  3. CherryPix says:

    I’m going to try to ‘haunt’ down this fabric! Your blouse looks great!

  4. oh this is lovely! have a soft spot for polka dots myself… and the buttons and zippers are just wow! love small details like that

  5. danvillegirl says:

    I too love polka dots. I can understand why this fabric would haunt you! You chose the perfect fabric for the blouse pattern and the buttons I think go well with it. With the stripe in the fabric pattern really makes a nice combo.

  6. seweverythingblog says:

    Love the fabric, but the polka dot zippers are now haunting me….. will have to find those.
    Found your blog through “suggestions” in WordPress Reader. I am now waiting to see what your tossed aside projects will be. I think I spy a Sewaholic pattern!!

    • sewforward says:

      You are right! The Sewaholic Minoru. It isn’t jacket weather here in Southern California so I keep pushing this project to the side, but I must get back to it.

    • sewforward says:

      I forgot to add: For the zippers, I bought mine from marcytilton.com, but I think they are also available at ghees.com. Also Shams of Comminingwithfabric.blogspot.com recently had a post about zippers and where to buy custom made zippers . . . Yea, I know anything to enable…..

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