Yep! Another blouse from Burda Style Magazine


June 15, 2013 by Janna Roznos

Well I can cross June off.

I have completed a garment from the June Issue of Burda Style Magazine.

I chose this blouse.


Burda Style 6-2013-118

Burda Style 6-2013-118


It was relatively easy, especially since I have been sewing blouses almost every month.  By now I should be able to sew a blouse with my eyes closed.  Well, maybe with just one eye closed.


I sewed the size 42 which seems to fit my shoulders the best and rather than grading to a size 44 for the hips, I instead added a yoke and a pleated back.

I kept the ¾ sleeve length but I added a sleeve placket and button.


Also, the pattern was for a mandarin collar so I added a ruffle.  I used my newly acquired gathering foot to make the ruffle.


Gathering foot in action

Gathering foot in action

Prior to purchasing this foot, I used to just zig-zag over a cord and ruffle the fabric by hand.  I do own a ruffler attachment and the quintessentially ruffler book.

Everything one needs to ruffle fabric.

Everything one needs to ruffle fabric.

But it doesn’t fit on my newer sewing machine, but one my older machine, which means I would have to drag it out of the closet and set it up.  It is much easier to just use this gathering foot instead.

I opted to incorporate the selvedge along the top edge so that’s why it looks a bit fringy.

This is the third blouse I have made with a ruffle in the collar stand.  A neat design, but I really need to try something else.

The fabric is from the recent donation I was given.  Most of it I passed on to the Tailoring Class, but I did hold on to few pieces – one being this paisley print fabric.  I think this is probably a polyester charmeuse fabric (it launders like polyester).  I could of done a burn test and try to figure out the fabric content, but I am lousy at discerning any useful information from a piece of burnt fabric other than that it is burnt.  The buttons came form my stash.

I had very little of this fabric so I wasn’t able to do any pattern matching across the center front. Although, maybe that isn’t a big deal?  Perhaps I am the only one who notices these things?

The fabric was actually very easy to sew and I neated the seam edges with the serger, although the my serger didn’t like the fabric too much, but what serger likes all fabrics . . .  not mine!

I am not sure when I will wear this ‘cause the pattern and the fabric is a little too ‘warm’ for my lifestyle so the blouse will be hanging in the closet for awhile.

In the meantime – well until the July issue of Burda Style gets here – I am sewing up this  1990’s McCall’s pattern with more of the recent donated fabric.

McCall's 2699

McCall’s 2699


3 thoughts on “Yep! Another blouse from Burda Style Magazine

  1. CherryPix says:

    The ruffle collar really ‘makes’ this blouse!

  2. Tia Dia says:

    Love the fabric. It’s wonderful!

  3. What a lovely fabric! The next project looks interesting. I was reading on a blog that the July Burda is not so exciuted … I hope you will find something interesting for yourself.

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