Fabric Fast? Nope! Fabric Gluttony.


June 5, 2013 by Janna Roznos

This past year I have been on a fabric fast and for the most part I have been pretty good in not buying any new fabrics, but rather sewing from my fabric stash.  I have succumb (a few times) to the 50% off coupon mailer from JoAnn’s Fabric, but more often than not the mailers have gone on to the big blue recycling bin.  I have surfed through a few fabric websites (I do have some favorites) and I have slipped a few times and hit the “Submit Order” button; however, for the most part I walked away from the computer – at least after I have turned it off – and I have deemed my self victorious in not buying anymore fabric.

And, I can still claim victory because the fabric I recently took possession of I didn’t buy.  It was given to me.



Usually, when I am given fabric I pass it on to either the Senior Citizen Center (where they have several sewing groups) or to the Tailoring Class I take (which isn’t really Tailoring anymore, but that’s another story).  I do this, rather than keep it because 1) it is usually craft fabric rather than garment fabric 2) if it is garment fabric, it is in colors I don’t wear and 3) I already have a closet full of fabric.



There is a fine line from having a  fabric stash to being a fabric hoarder and I don’t want to step over that line.

But this donation of fabric was different.  It was all garment fabric (the quilting/craft fabric had been donated to someone prior to me) and some of the garment fabric was just my colors: the browns, the greens and the beiges.  Yes!



So several cuts of this fabric and the the rest of it (the blues, the yellows and almost all the knits) I took to my Tailoring Class and left it there with the other fabric donations.  I am sure it will be used since there are other classes that use that classroom like Beginning Sewing, Learn the Sergers, etc.


So now shouldn’t all this fabric make me want to sew even more . .  .



4 thoughts on “Fabric Fast? Nope! Fabric Gluttony.

  1. Gjeometry says:

    Lucky, lucky you!! 🙂

  2. dressesandme says:

    I love that grey and red knit. I can imagine seiwng that into a nice T or summer dress!

  3. Pam says:

    Since 1) you speak of blue recycle bins and our little hamlet is the only one around that uses blue for said can and 2) you are hysterical AND sew…maybe we could have a coffee?

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