Are two really better than one?


May 31, 2013 by Janna Roznos

IMG_0448This may be true for sewing machines.


Or even for cat ownership.*

It is definitely true for blouses.  Two blouses are better than one.

My first blouse was this one:


This blouse pattern is from the April 2013 issue of Burda Style Magazine (part of my sewing quest for  2013).  I really liked the blouse and have been wearing it quite a bit.  So I decided I need another one.  So I sewed this one:


For this blouse I made a few design changes and fit alterations.

Design changes include: all different buttons for the front mostly those solo buttons that have been living in the bottom of my button box.  I chose buttons that are all about the same size (diameter) so I only sewed one size of buttonhole.  I added a ruffle into the collar band (like I did for the first blouse) and rather than a little bias strip at the cuff opening I added a sleeve placket (I did this also on the first blouse).

For the fit changes I didn’t like how the polka dot blouse bunches in the back. Can we say sway back!

Burda 4-2013 104A Back

So rather than redrafting the pattern for a sway back adjustment I decided to add a yoke and a pleated back.


This design change makes the blouse fall straight pass my curves, bumps and bulges along my backside, however this design change does make the blouse quite voluminous in the back and so it sort of resembles a smock.  But, I think this change is more in line with the original design of the blouse vs. making it more fitted in the back and I like it (which is probably MOST important) and it is very comfortable.   It will be perfect for the hot weather that I am sure is heading our way to Southern California.

A few other tidbits about the blouse: I sewed a size 42, which seems to fit well in the bust, but seems to always be a little tight in the hip area (future garments maybe need to be a size 44 in this area).  The fabric came from my stash (which probably came from JoAnn’s Fabric Store) and the buttons – like I said- came from my button box.

I have worn the blouse quite a bit and really like it.  Nothing says summer (at least not to me) as a crisp, white blouse.


*Own cats?! LOL!



2 thoughts on “Are two really better than one?

  1. wendy baschkopf says:

    Niiiiiiice refinements. Classy to have the details- ruffle neck, yoke, cuff placket- way ritzier than the bias strip, and the pleat back is just right on you. I see a stripe on in your future. Maybe triplets! Could that mean another sewing machine!?! 3 cats, I’ve not been so successful on that score.

  2. love the one with polka dots! really cute!

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