A Clean Out.

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May 27, 2013 by Janna Roznos

Most Americans are enjoying their Memorial Day with backyard BBQs, trips to the beach, visiting with family and friends or attending a Memorial Day Celebration.

Not me.

I am cleaning out boxes.

My father, which just celebrated his 80th birthday (more on that in another post) has decided to clean out his garage, which is great – in theory:  The more he cleans out the less I will have to clean out in the future.  However his idea of a clean out is to bring all the boxes to me and leave them on the patio.


So I have been cleaning out the boxes all weekend.


My grandfather’s art supplies.   A few tins of watercolors, which I thought was odd, since he painting exclusively in oils.  I did discover a few of his old sketchbooks, which have his preliminary drawings that he did for his oil paintings.


But most of the boxes contained pottery.  Much of it is miscellaneous pieces of pottery.



Some of it I do plan on keeping.  There are several Bauer* bowls that I want to keep and a few of the smaller bowls and maybe a couple of other items.

It is interesting looking through all this stuff, especially the labels on the back of the pottery.



Much of it was manufactured here in California.  Of course, most (if not all) of these manufacturers are now gone.


I did find a few broken pieces in the bottom of one of the boxes.  Maybe this is a sign that I should try my hand at mosaics?  Yep, that is just want I need yet another hobby.

So once I finish sorting through all these items, I will be boxing them up and they will join the other boxes of stuff (that my Dad brought over yesterday) in the garage until I take them to our local charity shop.



As much as I like to get cabinets/closets, etc., cleaned out.  This is somewhat difficult (emotionally that is) because I remember many a meal with these plates and glasses and it is sort of like throwing out a bit of my childhood. A Captain Kangaroo lunch box? Must have been one of my brother’s ’cause I never watched that show.


Why do I attach so much ‘emotional baggage’ to objects I don’t know.  What I do know is that I have got to get back to work!

*Bauer Pottery is still in business.  I have been to their factory store in Los Angeles and they do have some beautiful pieces of pottery.


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