May BurdaStyle Quest continues.


May 25, 2013 by Janna Roznos

It’s May.  And my quest to sew one garment from each Burda Magazine for 2013 continues on.

Here it is:


Does it look vaguely familiar?

Perhaps not, but it is.  I reviewed Burda May 2013 and I didn’t find anything I wanted to make.


Most of the garments in this issue are knits and knits and I have a tenuous relationship.  I like sewing with woven fabric (always have and probably always will).  Yes, I know. I should stretch myself and try new things.  I should think outside the box. I should look beyond my horizons and see what’s on the other side.  Good advice, but I like sewing with woven fabric.

I sewed this blouse from Burda Style May 2012.


Funny thing is that I have sewn this blouse once before.  Want to see it? Of course you do!


Yep! A nautical theme going on here from someone like me who gets seasick.

The May 2012 blouse I have worn quite a bit.  It’s comfortable and I like the fit and the design.  I had been meaning to sew up another, but for whatever reason never got to it until now.

The May 2013 is sewn from a polyester/nylon material, which isn’t as comfortable as the seersucker cotton in the May 2012 blouse, but I liked the pattern of the fabric.   I also have these nautical themed buttons.


I sewed a 44.   I shorten the sleeves and added a sleeve placket.  I also altered the front body dart to fit my shape.  Since my shoulders and hips are about equal and I have no discernable waist. I alter the body darts to give me the illusion that I have a waist when in reality as I entered middle age, my waist exited completely.

Other than those alterations, I sewed these two blouses pretty much same.  I have worn the new blouse May 2013 a few times and although the fabric is polyester, I still like the blouse and will probably get worn quite a bit.

Now,  what to sew from  Burda Style June 2013!


And keeping with the nautical theme here is a scan of the Queen Mary which sits in Long Beach. This picture is from the little envelope they give you to keep the room key (or room card) in.


We went to a dinner – aboard ship- and spent the night (it was a planned stay over folks!) a few weeks ago.  I didn’t take any pictures while we were there but we both enjoyed walking around the ship and the hotel is very nice and the food was delicious.  The whole time on the ship, I couldn’t get the movie, The Poseidon  Adventure out of my mind.

the-poseidon-adventure poster 2

One thought on “May BurdaStyle Quest continues.

  1. great mission! After buying Burda for a while, it seemed it was just the same models over and over again but in new materials and settings. Which of course is the point- just do a simple variations and voilá! a new outfit!

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