DKNY Vogue 1287 Sew Along


May 12, 2013 by Janna Roznos

Sewing is truly an isolating activity.  It’s not like knitting or crocheting, where it is easily portable.  Or even like drawing or painting, where one can go plein–aire (outside) and create.

For sewing, one is usually stuck at home in a dedicated sewing room or on the dining room table trudging away.

That’s why I so much appreciate two fellow sewists that I met in a Tailoring Class that I attend.  Both of these sewists are skilled sewers and have a unique design aesthetic  (they both always choose the best patterns) and fabric perspective (they see the possibility in the fabric that I usually don’t) and when we are all together the creative juices flow along with lots of laughter.

So, we all decided that we would have our very own Sew Along.  The parameters for this were simple a challenging garment, something that would stretch our existing skills or force us to learn a new sewing technique, or use an unfamiliar fabric.  In other words, get us out of our comfort zone. And, the garment design had to look great on all body types, since the three of us are uniquely different shapes.

We chose this pattern:

Vogue pattern

Vogue pattern


We gave ourselves the deadline for the end of May, which at the time seemed really doable ‘cause when we were planning this it was April!

The schedule we set would have us meet every two weeks to gauge our progress, assist each other and just root each other toward our goal!

Our prize?  We would treat ourselves to a great scrumptious meal at a restaurant that none of us had tried before (You had to know that somehow food was going to enter into this, right?) and, of course, wear our new garments.

So that was the plan.

Well, here is the reality!

It is the second week of May (going into the third week) and I am just now tissue fitting my pattern.

Just the top of the dress.

Just the top of the dress.


I did read all the reviews of this pattern on Pattern Review and most all the sewists had issues with this pattern.  Well, there is my sewing challenge! Most reviewers remarked that the sizing was much too large and that the pocket construction and pocket instructions were confusing and fussy.  The garment is designed for knits, but a few (or at least one reviewer, if I remember correctly) used a stretch woven.  Stretch woven, that’s a fabric I have not had much success with (ask me sometime about trying to sew up stretch woven jeans!) so I shopped for a stretch woven fabric.

Too much cat assistance.

Too much cat assistance.

I found this beautiful stretch woven fabric on Gorgeous Fabrics website and it was even on sale (even better!) especially since my success with on-line fabric retailers has never been too good.

Another mess.

Another mess.

The rest of the pattern is traced out but I haven’t tissue fitted it yet, nor have I even attempted a muslin (which would be the next step) and I am suppose to have this done by the end of May!  Possible?  Sure.  Probable? Maybe not.

And our schedule of meeting every two weeks . . . Ya know the old saying that life happens when you are planning something else.  Life has gotten in the way of our meeting up.


I just hope that we don’t have to cancel those reservations at that fancy restaurant.

3 thoughts on “DKNY Vogue 1287 Sew Along

  1. Gjeometry says:

    Aw, too bad that “life” silly as it can appear to be got in the way or your meeting up! I say, go for it and meet up again! I have no advice for this particular pattern, have never tried it, but wish you the best of luck that it turns out well for you!

  2. sewbarbie says:

    We won’t be canceling any reservations for eating :), we may just have to wear jeans! Hope your dad had a wonderful birthday and that you survived. We missed you!

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