My quest to make a garment from every Burda Style Magazine in 2013 continues!


April 8, 2013 by Janna Roznos

CoverThe April Burda is another wonderful issue.

The blue and white garments just seem to melt the winter doldrums and proclaim  spring is finally here – even if the weather outside may say otherwise.  As usual – at least for me – I had a difficult time deciding on which garment to sew.

My first choice was this maxi dress.


Although, I seldom, if ever, where dresses much anymore, so I set this one aside.  My next choice was this blouse:


I like the neckline on this blouse, but there is absolutely no possible way I would ever wear a blouse tied up at my midriff.  So I just redrafted the blouse front.


Yuck! I still didn’t like the blouse. It was just too tight and I really don’t like real tight clothes.  I need a bit more wiggle room than most, I suppose.

So I opted for this blouse.


Pretty much, just a basic blouse.


The fabric came from my stash.  I have a love affair with polka dots. So don’t be surprised if more polka dot blouses show up on this blog.

I purchased this fabric from Marcy Tilton’s website some time ago.   I have found that I like ‘window shopping’ for fabric on the internet but more often than not, I am disappointed in the fabric that I have purchased from internet sources. This fabric is no exception.  I think if I had seen this in a fabric store I would have definitely looked at it.  But, I think once I touched it and rolled some of it off the bolt and saw how it draped, I probably would have passed on it.  Hence, why I am no longer buying fabric on line!

With that said, I really didn’t have enough of this fabric for this blouse, so I had to really squeeze the pattern pieces in and as such I wasn’t able to match the polka dots along the center front, nor the pockets.

I did add yoke in the back since I have a rounded back and I can get a better fit, but I wasn’t able to match the dots. Oops!


I did add sleeve plackets to the design  and I was able to salvage enough scraps to piece together a strip of fabric to ruffle which I added in the neckline.

I also went ahead and made this garment without a muslin.  No muslin usually spells trouble for me, but this time the basic tissue fitting worked only because this blouse is somewhat boxy and falls almost straight from the shoulders.

And finally, I never write up a review until I have an opportunity to actually wear the garment.  Every garment looks great on my dress form even the wadders!

I think the real test of a garment is how well it fits as I go about my day – even if my day doesn’t encompasses that much.

And, now that I have had a chance to wear the blouse . . .  I like it.  The style is comfortable for me.  The fabric, which at first I didn’t really like, but now I do.   It is  a very nice and cool and crisp cotton lawn.  The polka dots – which drew me to the fabric in the first place, are quite large but I suppose the design will grow on me over time.  I think this blouse will work well into my ever changing wardrobe.  And, it is good that the fabric I bought on whim I am actually using – rather than passing it on to the charity shop.

So another Burda milestone met for me.  I wouldn’t be able to accomplish this step in my quest without my ever faithful sewing assistants:



Now, if those darn cats could just show me what I did wrong on my new computer – life would be grand!

4 thoughts on “My quest to make a garment from every Burda Style Magazine in 2013 continues!

  1. SewingElle says:

    Very nice. I love polka dots. I think you made a wise choice form this issue of Burda too.

  2. Tia Dia says:

    Love your dotty top! I’m trying to make a garment from each Burda magazine this year, too. And I agree with the online shopping experience, with the exception of EmmaOneSock. I am always over-the-top pleased with what I purchase from her.

  3. Wow. I can’t even get to the point of just copying the darn things. But, I love looking at the mag.

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