In the Swim? No. Not yet.

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April 2, 2013 by Janna Roznos

I have been trying to fit a swim suit – a tankini to be exact- and quite frankly I am ready to GIVE UP!

After three muslins, I have a good fitting bottom.


I modified the pattern and added the gathering in the front.  Thought it looked stylish.

For the top – I haven’t been all that successful.

Top muslin

The top is too small for me even though I chose the size based upon the recommendations of the pattern. Too small in width and length.  Also, the bra that I sewed for the top of swimsuit, I am not thrilled with (I tried a new bra pattern, which requires another whole cluster of fitting issues).

So what am I going to do now?

I am setting the whole project aside for a bit.


I need some distance on this project and I also need some more swimsuit fabric to work out the fit issues.  I think my main problem with swimsuit fabric is that it is so fiddle to sew.  I have never been a huge ‘sewing with knits fan’ and swim suit fabric is even more KNIT than a knit. (If you know what I mean.)

Maybe spending the exorbitant price of a RTW swim suit is really worth it?

So, instead I am going to work on some clothes for summer.  I have already completed a blouse from Burda April – part of my personal Burda Challenge: One garment from each issue of Burda.  So I will be posting that soon and the book, I recently purchased, has arrived:


Yesterday when I got home, this book and a piece of pie was waiting for me on my front door step.  Sorry no picture of the pie, which I ate it. The pie (Kahula cream) was a gift from a neighbor.

And why do I get desserts left on my front door step?   In our neighborhood dog walking group, a few of us have the reoccurring conversation: ‘What-Is-Your- Favorite-Dessert’.  Needless to say, we have been discussing our favorite pies lately.  I know other dog walkers in our dog group talk about really important issues like the federal deficit, the oil drilling in our local hills, the dilemma facing public education, the rise in crime in our neighborhoods, but not me. Yep!  Sewing. Chocolate. Fabric shopping. Desserts. What books have you read lately? Gardening.  A few of my favorites :-)!


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