February Burda Challenge


February 22, 2013 by Janna Roznos

My frustrations with Burda January were completely alleviated when I received Burda February.

02-2013 Cover

In the January issue I had found only one garment I was interested in sewing but in February I found many, since I was under some time constraints I decided to zero in on this one:


This is an easy sew and a forgiving fit.


I made this in an evening.  A straight size 42 with no alterations.  I purchased the fabric at JoAnn’s – I think it is one of their brands of knits.  Nothing terrible special about this knit.  I have worn this top many times since making it and it fits well so well in fact I made two more:


This was one was made from a fabric pack I purchased from Marcy Tilton many years ago. One of the sleeves is a stripe.  I didn’t have enough fabric to have the stripes be horizontal on my arm, rather than trying to piece the fabric I just cut the sleeve with stripes vertical.  The other sleeve is a stretch mesh, which I used the dull side for the right side of the sleeve. The biggest ‘oops’ on this one is that my bra strap can be seen under the mesh sleeve.

Note to self: need a black bra!

So after the black one was completed I then sewed another version:


Also fabric from Marcy Tilton, purchased I think in ‘09.  I didn’t have enough to sew long sleeves so I made the short sleeve version.  This fabric is what I would call a tissue weight so it is almost see thru –will have to wear a camisole under this top.

A few changes I made to the construction are as follows:

Instead of binding the neckline (as per Burda instructions) I just folded over the seam allowance (I used 3/8 inches) and sewed the neckline with a twin needle.

I also used a twin needle for the hem on the sleeve and the hem on the bottom although I made the bottom hem a generous three inch deep hem to give the top a bit of weight.

Now, that my February Burda challenge is complete (although there are still a few more garments in the February issue I’d like to make) and that I did use some fabric from my stash – which is always a huge accomplishment for me!  I am going to move on to March.  Another great issue:


2 thoughts on “February Burda Challenge

  1. CherryPix says:

    Great to see your different versions..the Marcy Tilton one is my fave!

  2. Tia Dia says:

    Love your versions! I’m hoping to catch- up with the Burda challenge. I love the idea, and this top is on my to-sew list, too!

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