Burda 1-2013-101 Argh! This is a challenge.


January 30, 2013 by Janna Roznos

The Burda Challenge – January.

Over at Pattern Review there is a thread in the message board about participating in the  Burda Challenge.  It is simple enough: make one garment from each issue of Burda Style  magazine for an entire year.

I thought – why not?

How hard can this be?

I love Burda magazine. I love their style. I love their patterns even though their directions are almost completely incomprehensible.  So what?

I’ve never been one to follow directions in the first place, so it’s a perfect fit!

Yea right.

So I begin my Burda Challenge journey with January 2013:

1-2013 Cover

My first muslin from the January issue is this one:


I am less than thrilled.

But it looked so cute in the magazine:


Yes, well it is also on a young model, too, not some middle aged woman like me. Hello!

But, I persevered and made this top:


It is supposed to have a little Peter Pan style collar but I hated it so instead I sewed the selvedge into the neck edge:


I also cut the sleeves on the crosswise grain (rather than on the straight of grain) so that I could use the selvedge for the sleeve hem:

Sleeve & neckline

The directions called for an invisible zipper, which I did install:


Since I modified the neck (no collar) I really didn’t need the back zip, but I had already installed it by the time I got to the collar – the complete opposite of what the directions said!

Needless to say, I should have sewn an exposed zipper in the back since that is the trend right now in RTW, but I sort of dislike that look unless of course it’s is a really stylish zipper and the only zippers I have in my stash are the basic, boring utilitarian type.

I fussed quite a bit with this invisible zipper – now I know why RTW uses the exposed zipper – it must be easier to install.

I sewed a straight 42 with just some minor tweaking at the seam lines (and of course the lack of the collar).

I used a twin needle for the hem:


The fabric came from JoAnn’s – a rayon/polyester blend so it is soft and launders well.   Always a plus of  me.

I think it will be a nice top with jeans and maybe black pants, too – if I owned any.  My pants sewing is a whole other  sewing drama I haven’t blogged about yet.

All in all I am pleased with my success with this top since initially I was going to just call it quits right after the muslin and try something else in this edition of Burda, but what would I try – nothing else really intrigued me and what I have found over the years is if it doesn’t grab me in the beginning than I probably won’t sew it up at all.

Now, February is a whole other story  . . .

7 thoughts on “Burda 1-2013-101 Argh! This is a challenge.

  1. Kate says:

    I love this idea!! I skipped the January issue but can’t wait to see what you make from February.

  2. sewexhausted says:

    What a fun challenge! I am so glad I am not alone in finding Burdas instructions “incomprehensible”! I thought it was just me, and as much as I like to think I don’t need any instruction, well that is just a lie I like to tell myself! I look forward to seeing what the upcoming months have to bring!

  3. CherryPix says:

    I really like the selvedge edge! And I think the exposed zipper trend is waning, so the invisible zipper was definitely the way to go….painstaking as it was 🙂

  4. Tia Dia says:

    Wow – this is the first I’ve heard of the Burda challenge! I read the gist of your post earlier today and scoured my February issue. I’ll see if I can fit this in with finishing my 2012 SWAP and getting something for Jungle January finished before the deadline tomorrow!!! I get disheartened with Burda, too, because everything looks so lovely on the tall teenagers they use for models and then, well, reality hits in the mirror.

  5. SewingElle says:

    I love any contest or challenge that gets more people sewing from Burda. I’m a HUGE Burda fan. Your top is cute. I’ve just received my February Burda- i look forward to seeing what you pick!

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