Jungle January & Bra Sew-along


January 25, 2013 by Janna Roznos

I never officially joined the Jungle January Sew along over at Pretty Grievances   for a countless of reasons, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been trailing along behind watching the action.

I didn’t start this project in January, but I have finished it.


I recently just finished another garment for the IPCA Ticket to Travel Contest – which I will blog about later.

IPCA Contest

After sending off my entry form I still had the ‘itch’ to sew, so I pulled out one of my PIGS (projects in grocery sacks) which was this bra.

Watching over the technique

As usual, I receive a bit of construction advice from my cat, who seems to pick the prime spot to watch over whatever I am doing.

I had started this bra so long ago and I had forgotten how to sew it up, so I watched this Bra making video again to refresh my memory.

Bra Video

This is a great video in showing all the steps for sewing a bra.


I think, in retrospect, I should have done the straps a little differently, but I will do on my next bra.

I’m just glad I finished this one. And, it fits me too and it’s comfortable – just like all my ‘custom made bras’ – custom made by me!

The Bra Sew along (clothhabit.com) has been so great. I have learned so much and am eager to try redesigning the bra cups (and band) and adding lace to the bra cups, and I am getting some unsolicited advice there too:

Trying to redraft my bra

And, finally, I did make one project completely in January that is jungle theme:

Hot Spot Bag

A sleeve for my father’s portable hot spot.

He’s not too thrilled with my fabric choice, but I say, ‘That’s what happens when you loose the little black sleeve that came with the device.’  🙂

My Dad has also asked me to make a new sack for his wood sander . . .

Sander bag

I wonder what ‘wild’ fabric I can use for this one!

9 thoughts on “Jungle January & Bra Sew-along

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Psst- I had to put you up today- I love it!!

  2. […] I won’t reveal how cool this is- go see SewForwards blog- cuz the kittty ain’t […]

  3. Andrea says:

    Beautiful Brassiere! The sew along has been great, but I need to get back to it, still on my muslin…

    • sewforward says:

      I already had a good fitting bra but I joined the sew -along to learn how to change the cup/band to other styles. I am very impressed with what I have seen in the Flicker Group:so many talented sewists 🙂

  4. sewexhausted says:

    Very impressed… This is a “Someday Goal” for me… 🙂 -Laurie

  5. Gjeometry says:

    Hi there, saw your link on Pretty Grievances blog post and as a Kitty lover, had to see what kitty was up to. And, wow, great bra! (And I love the fabric choice for your dad’s phone).

  6. Lynn says:

    Very nice! I have been so tempted but afraid to try sewing a bra because I can never find a good racer back bra. I haven’t seen any patterns for those either.

    Oh, and I love the acronym, PIGS. So perfect!

    • sewforward says:

      I want to sew a racer back bra too and found the steps to modify a bra pattern into a racer back style in the Threads book, Sewing Lingerie that Fits – of course, I haven’t done it yet! There is always tomorrow!

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