My Favorite Things: A new blouse.

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January 15, 2013 by Janna Roznos

A few things that I look forward to every year:

The warm colors of autumn:

A family dinner.

A family dinner.

Sycamore Tree in our backyard.

Sycamore Tree in our backyard.

The trees (at least a few) turn colour –Yep, even in southern California.

But mostly, I like a nice linen fabric that is soft to the touch, launders well and is orange (one of my favorites).

Tangerine Floral Linen

And a stylish blouse:

Burda 9-9012-111 Blouse

Burda 9-9012-111 Blouse

This blouse with its gathered front has a little bit of a vintage/retro design that I liked – that, and no collar, which I thought would be a different look for me.

This fabric came from Marcy Tilton’s website.  I don’t buy much fabric from internet sites, because I am old school: I need to feel the fabric to see if I want to buy it or not. And, although most internet sites have a swatch service order, it just isn’t the same as unrolling a yard (or two) from the bolt and seeing how it drapes and feels in my hand.


A few changes I made to the pattern: I omitted the body darts (front and back) and instead added a center back seam (for a sway back) and shaped the side seams.


On the sleeve I added a sleeve placket instead of the bias stripe to finish off the sleeve vent.  This takes a little bit more time, but I like the finished look of a sleeve placket.

Buttons from Stash

The buttons are from my stash.  I have absolutely no idea where I got them and I think may have already used them on another shirt that I wore and have since sent on to the rag bag.

I sewed the 44, but next time I think I will drop down a size.  I have worn this blouse several times and I feel that it is tad too big in the shoulders. So, I have been wearing as a light weight shirt jacket over a T-shirt, which works for our southern California fall weather, but not for our winter weather, which we are having now.

Ironically, I violated my number one sewing rule: Always make muslin!  I didn’t make on for this blouse but just traced out the pattern and carefully pinned it together and tried it one.  I think if I had sewn a muslin, I would have realized that it the blouse was too big for me and would have gone down a size; hence, make the muslin!

And, of course, the ultimate disclaimer here: no picture of me in the blouse.

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