My Twin. The dummy.


January 7, 2013 by Janna Roznos


DMT - original

I’ve never called my dress form The Dummy, but everyone else in the family did. Actually, I never really called my dress form anything.  I never named her.  I have had this Dritz My Twin for years and she has stood in the corner of my sewing room more naked than not and unnamed for years.

Dress forms? I knew nothing about them when I bought My Twin other than they are expensive (Think Wolf! Think PGM!) and at the time, I thought that no self-respecting dress maker, tailor or home sewer like me, would not have one in their sewing room.

Back in the 1970’s, when I learned to sew, we were taught flat pattern techniques.  Dress forms were strictly for the advanced sewers – which wasn’t me.  As I recall, us plebian sewers, who had not yet learned the fine task of the 10 minute zipper, were not even allowed to TOUCH the classroom dress forms.

‘Dial in your size’ of the Dritz My Twin, seemed like a good way to go.  This dress form was very inexpensive (in comparison to Wolf or PGM) and it – I thought-  would add an essence of legitimacy to my Sewing Studio a.k.a the spare bedroom.

However, this dress form became a sign of what I wasn’t:  a perfect shape, correct proportions or a real sewist.  So it loomed in the corner of my sewing room mostly unused, unnamed and definitely unloved.

Then, I saw the Fabulous Fit system, which I thought may get My Twin to really truly look more like me.

Fabulous Fit pad system

And it did.   Of course, it still didn’t have a true pinnable surface and it still had its flimsy tripod base, but it now sort of resembled me or at least more of me – it still wasn’t truly My Twin, but maybe  facsimile separated at birth twice removed?


The honeymoon didn’t last very long.

I still was frustrated.  The shoulders were too broad, the flimsy tripod had failed a few times as I was moving it around and I kept ruining my sewing pins trying to ‘pin’ a garment to it.  I decided it was time to invest in a dress form that would work better for me.  So for my birthday this past December I bought the Fabulous Fit dress form and another set of the Fabulous Fit pad system:

FF completed

It took a while to get this one to resemble me.  I had to measure myself then pad the form then measure again and readjust the pads, but I think it is truly now is My Twin. Of course the arms are not my arms, but those I can just remove when I am fitting a garment.  I am eager to see if she will help me in fitting or if she to will just occupy a corner of my Sewing Studio.

Only time and my next sewing project will tell.  Now what should I name her?

2 thoughts on “My Twin. The dummy.

  1. Sylvie says:

    May I ask you if you have used your new form?

  2. sewforward says:

    Yes, I used it al the time! I am now a bit *cough* larger than the dummy. I know, it hurts to even admit that, but it is still is the same size as me around the neck/back and shoulders/bust area. Jut the tummy and hips is the BIG difference now. I store my in work projects on it and I also wrap it in fabric while I ponder what I am going to make out of the fabric.

    Is dress form a sewing necessity? Probably not. I sewed for YEARS without one and my grandmother who sewed all her now clothes never had a dress form either, but it is nice to have and I have the room for it, too.

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