Vogue 1261: a stylish top

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November 30, 2012 by Janna Roznos

Back in August I had gone to the local JoAnn’s Fabric & Craft store  to buy a specific Vogue pattern, however, after rummaging through the pattern cabinet,  the pattern that I wanted was nowhere to be found. I did, however, stumble upon this one:

Vogue 1261 Pattern Cover

I liked the look – sort of an upscale sweatshirt.

The croquis was intriguing.


And, since this pattern requires knits it would be perfect for some knits that I had picked up at my last visit to Michael Levine’s Loft (where they sell fabric by the pound) in Los Angeles.

My first attempt at his top was with a size medium.  In Vogue, I usually wear their size medium in tops/blouses.

I'm at Union Square in San Francisco

I’m at Union Square in San Francisco

The top is okay, but not great.  I didn’t have enough of this fabric so I sort of pieced the top together.  The neckline was much too big, so I took tiny tucks to bring the neck line in.

Tucks in neckline

I also fiddled with the seams trying to shape them to my shape.

On my way to Britex Fabrics!

On my way to Britex Fabrics!

And although I did wear the top when we were on vacation in San Francisco last fall, I really wasn’t all that terribly thrill with it.

So I made another one.

Close up of 1261

I made the top again, but this time I made a size small.  I used fabric I had purchased at Michael Levine’s (their main store).

Unfortunately, the center front seam and back seam, cuts up the ombre effect of the fabric.  The fabric was narrower than I had thought (so I should have bought more of it) so I was unable to eliminate these seams; however, the size small fits much better on me than the medium did.

I utilized the selvedge to finish the neckline of the top

Neck edge trim

Neck edge trim

I liked the ruffled edge of the selvedge and I thought it was too neat to just toss in the waste basket.

I really like this top and definitely plan on making more of this one.  Like I said, it sort of an upscale sweatshirt so I think my next one maybe from a sweatshirt or fleece material.

Not really too sure . . . only what lurks in my fabric closet knows for sure.


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