Dog Walking Jacket: Burda Style 9-2012-129


November 26, 2012 by Janna Roznos

My latest jacket is completed and has passed the most important test: dog walking!

It is roomy, comfortable and perhaps most importantly, has big pockets for all that important dog walking paraphernalia.

It is pattern no. 129:

From Burda Style Magazine 9-2012:

Now I know what you may (or may not!) be thinking.

 That isn’t a dog walking jacket; it is designed to wear while you are tooling around town on your scooter.  It even says so in the Burda description.

It is simple: I’ve never been one to follow directions.

I made quite a few changes to this pattern:

I shorted the sleeves by two inches and split the sleeve pattern in half so I could place the sleeves on the bias.  I then sewed the cuff on the straight of grain.

I shorted the jacket length by 6 inches and by doing so, I had to raise the pockets up and as such I wasn’t able to include the waistband ties.  So the jacket is a little voluminous on me. I did test out all these changes on a muslin (which is SO time consuming – but worth it).

I did go head an added the elbow patches (as per the pattern) which are essential useless on a dog walking jacket and even riding a Vespa! But, I had some Ultra Suede which matched the buttons (which came from my stash) so I thought – Why not?!

I also added a stripe of the fuzzy selvedge in the seam of the hood just as extra decoration.

The pockets are great.  They hold everything I need for a successful dog walk: poop bags, cell phone, poop bags, house keys, poop bags and a few dog treats. I also added a tab on the pockets with a Velcro closure so none of my important dog paraphernalia will fall out.

I did have problems getting the hood to match up with the collar, so I added a gusset in the back seam of the hood.

I’m not sure what I did wrong (trace the wrong size, perhaps?).  Of course, if I read the instructions maybe I could have figured it out, but instead I just kludge it.

The fabric came from JoAnn’s. It is one of their suiting fabrics – which is perfect for a light weight jacket here in Southern California.  I didn’t bother to line this jacket, because it is going to be washed and washed again.

Although I am pleased with my success with this garment, I don’t think I would make it up a second time.  There are several other Burda jackets I would like to make especially making a jacket from  a more weather friendly fabric – like a wind breaker type fabric.

And, ultimately, I should have a picture of me wearing the jacket walking my dog, but alas, it is not to be.

I do have more sewing projected queued up to share – so stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Dog Walking Jacket: Burda Style 9-2012-129

  1. Valerie says:

    I like this! I like your casual/stylish combo of the material and contrasting patches & buttons.

  2. Tia Dia says:

    I have always loved this particular jacket – never bothered to try to nail down exactly what it is that I like about it – and this pinstriped version is so spot-on! What a great idea cutting the sleeves in half so you could have the bias as a design feature, and the gusset was a fantastic save. Great coat!

  3. Jen says:

    I like your take on it!! Patches & all.

  4. CherryPix says:

    Great to read how you made this work for you! The ultra suede patches are a fun touch.

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