My Other Obsession: Old Sewing Books


November 16, 2012 by Janna Roznos

Okay. So I admit it.  Books are my downfall – along with buying too much fabric, chocolate, good wine and letting my dog jump on the couch. I do buy a lot of books.

But reading is one of my favorite pastimes. I’ll read almost anything: newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites, cereal boxes, but mostly books.

Since I have an e-reader (a Kindle) I have been reading a lot, yet I haven’t really embraced the sewing e-book just yet.

So, I continue to buy sewing books.

Today’s purchases.

I recently picked these up at our local friends of the library book sale.

I haven’t purchased any new sewing books in a while, although I do peruse the book aisle at the local JoAnn’s to see what is available.  For whatever reason, old sewing books appeal to me.

Particularly the illustrations:

And the photographs:

Step by step photos.

And, the variety of sewing topics:

My book shelf is already filled with sewing books (along with other paraphernalia).

I need to do a clean out here too, but how can I part with all these gems 😦

2 thoughts on “My Other Obsession: Old Sewing Books

  1. sewexhausted says:

    I love old books and have just started my “old” sewing book collection. I just picked up a 1946 copy of “The New Encyclopedia of Modern Sewing…” I can now make a ladies suit from a mans discarded suit if I “sew” desire!

  2. Alethia says:

    Old sewing books is my favorite type of books to buy. Spending a weekend reading a old sewing book is a treat for me.

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