The perfect Silhouette Michael’s Skirt #2910


November 12, 2012 by Janna Roznos

Okay, I had to use that phrase sometime and since this is a Silhouette pattern, I thought it was apropos.  This is a great skirt pattern. The design is slim fitting, but easily modified to fit any figure and the zip front can be modified to for an exposed zipper.

Silhouette #2910

This is my second version of this skirt and it is as comfortable and as stylish as the first.

I used a flocked denim fabric from Marcy Tilton’s website and, I think she still has the fabric (and it is on sale!)

Completed skirt

I sewed a lace zipper for the front.  To do this, I simply sewed the zipper on the right side of the fabric.

Sewing the zipper on

The lace zipper blends well with the detail of the fabric.

This zipper has a unique little flower zipper pull.

Exposed zippers are not really a design feature that I would look for because usually an ugly, brash zipper is used and the zipper is poorly sewn on the garment; however, this pattern is ideal for an exposed zipper.

I wore this skirt while on vacation in San Francisco this fall and most recently at a sewing conference in Irvine (more on that later) but, I haven’t got one picture of me in it.

Besides sewing, cleaning out my house has been one of my priorities of late.  Not sure why, but once fall arrives here in Southern California I feel like cleaning.  I know it’s supposed to be spring cleaning, but for me it just seems better to clean in the fall in anticipation of the New Year in January.  Needless to say, I have been cleaning out my sewing room (or sewing cave as DH calls it) along with every cupboard, closet and dresser drawer.  Good, reusable items I have hauled off to our local Goodwill and everything else has gone in the trash.  Each week I choose an area to clean out like a closet/dresser, etc. It has taken me years to accumulate all this stuff, so it should take my a few weeks to clean it all out.

My biggest clean out so far has been my sewing patterns.

Patterns to give away? Throw away? Sell?

I have decided to cut back on buying patterns. Yes, I am resisting the sales at JoAnn’s.  Although having said this and written it here, the last Vogue sale I did pick up these patterns:

A few ‘must haves’ Vogue patterns

I have even sewn two garments from Vogue 1261, which I wore on my vacation – more on that later.

Now that I have been subscribing to Burda Style for two years and have a few random copies from other years, I feel I should really concentrate on sewing just from Burda Style.   All the patterns I cleaned out are either ones I have used in the past and have no desire to make again, or ones I haven’t used because I have lost interest in them.

However, what to do with them? Right now the box is sitting on the floor.

Another project that I am working on is this jacket from Burda Style 9-2012

I am almost done with it.  I just need that little push to get it finished.  Just a few more hours in in the day and a little bit of sewing mojo and I’ll be there!

3 thoughts on “The perfect Silhouette Michael’s Skirt #2910

  1. Interesting, I came across that site earlier but haven’t tried anything from them (their Trench looked pretty cool). Also, I start cleaning up when the cold weather arrives too, something about putting away summer clothes and getting out the good stuff really gets me into a thorough clean out mood.

  2. Shams says:

    I also think that fall is when the year really begins. I think it’s a throwback to the new school year. That Tilton pants pattern on the very top of the box is one of my favorites. If yours is unused, I hope you find a home for it. 🙂

    I have that same flocked denim from Marcy! When I washed and dried it, a lot of the flocking came off. I haven’t decided what to do with mine. Your skirt is cute!

  3. CherryPix says:

    A good clean out is always therapeutic! – just did the same thing …much clearer thinking. I’m keen to hear how your Burda Parka turns out – it didn’t work for me ;-(

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