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October 3, 2012 by Janna Roznos

As we make our way up California to our final destination – San Francisco.  We have made just a few stops along the way.

First, we finished off Sunset Savior at Santa Margarita Ranch with watching the battle of the Battle of the Bay III. Ted Allen hosted this event. (I think he was one of the Queer Guys for the Straight Man show or something like that?!)

Needless to say, it was great event and fun to watch two chefs battle it out. The unfortunately part is – of course! – Ya don’t get to taste the final creation.

The event was in the barn at Santa Margarita Ranch which is just what a really old barn should be – fabulous!

On our next day, we spent in Paso Robles doing yet some more wine tasting – can you ever have enough?

Paso (as the locales call it) is lovely and very diverse.

It takes some fortitude to wine taste in this part of the country since the wineries are spread out along a very curvy, hilly road.

We then ate dinner at the coffee shop at the Madonna Inn.

We have, in the past, dined in their dining room.

This is an amazing place.  It used to be sitting out in the middle of nowhere, but the city of San Luis Obispo has now crept up alongside it, but nonetheless, it hasn’t lost its ‘charm’.   Not only is the food good, but it is just an interesting place to visit.

Yesterday was our travel day to Napa for – You guessed it! – more wine tasting.  On our way here, we stopped at Harris Ranch for lunch.

They have a statue of the California brown bear.

The California Bear  is now extinct, but is it remembered on the California State Flag.

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