Thought I left you at home?

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September 30, 2012 by Janna Roznos

I know.  An odd title for a blog post.

I had hoped that we had left the triple digit heat home in LA, but I was wrong!  Santa Margarita Ranch – where were yesterday was hot! Hot. Dry. Dusty.  But hey- it’s the west.  It is supposed to be hot, dry and dusty.  Every John Wayne movie I have seen (well, at least the western ones) have been hot, dry and dusty.

What made this whole day tolerable was:

I’m with DH. Like I wrote in a previous post – we only see each other on weekends because of our jobs.  So for us spending more than 48 hours together is a real treat.

You can’t beat the beauty that is California’s Central Coast.  Yea sure, Southern California has its charms (I know I live there), but Central California is a whole ‘nother place.

View from Santa Margarita Ranch

At Sunset Savior there’s lots to see, to eat and to drink.  The morning line up before the event begins:

Waiting in line – which moved pretty fast

Got to see a wine maker take the top of a sparkling wine bottle with a saber:

Don’t forget the safety glasses

Note to self: Got to try this one at home! Just as soon as I buy a saber.  I wonder, do they sell those at BevMo?

This, of course, was after some wine tasting:

The wine tasting seminar was very interesting and I sketched all the wine experts:

We also strolled through the Sunset garden and met a few chickens:


Took lots of snaps for some future garden ideas. This one is my favorite:

Went to Paseo Robles for an event.  Interesting location and the best part was watching the balloons get set up; unfortunately, they never left the ground. (Not sure why?).

Now another full day at Santa Margarita Ranch and triple digit heat is expected – Oh! Yea!

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