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September 29, 2012 by Janna Roznos

I had planned, once I returned home from Mammoth, to blog about all the sewing I have done this summer.

Convict Lake, Mammoth Lakes CA

The memorial service I attended in Mammoth Mountain was at Convict Lake – it was an absolutely beautiful day.

I have done quite a bit of sewing these past few months, but for whatever reason the ‘blog stars’ have not been in alignment for me so my blog has been dormant or as some may think nearly dead!  So, instead of lamenting my lack of gumption to blog about sewing I thought I would let you know what I am doing –right now!

We are on vacation.  A rarity for DH and me, especially since for the last year, our jobs have forced us to live separate lives during the week.  Yes, we have a ‘weekend marriage’.

Yesterday, we drove to San Luis Obispo (also known as ‘The Central Coast’) about a four hour drive from our home.  We had plans to visit the San Luis Obispo Farmer’s Market.  It’s advertised as the original Farmer’s Market or the best Farmer’s Market or the most extensive Farmer’s Market or some such thing.  Actually I don’t really remember how it is advertised, but many people have told me that if you visit San Luis Obispo – Ya got to go to Farmer’s Market!

And, we had all the best intentions to go there last night, but you know how best intentions turn out . . .

Instead, we went to dinner at DH’s favorite restaurant:

Jockos Restaurant, Nipomo, CA

This is probably the absolutely best place to get a steak.  This is only the second time I have eaten here and it is excellent.  Without reservations, you have to wait until the moon has risen over the valley floor to get a table, and yes, we didn’t have reservations.  So we sat in the bar and chatted with some of the locales.

I drew some pictures in my sketch book.

Sketch book doodles

The wait was worth it.

Filet Mignon

I know! Not a great picture, but what the picture lacks in clarity the meal made up for in deliciousness!

Today was out first full day in San Luis Obispo and we went to Pismo Beach for a clam bake. Ironically, Pismo Beach was once known as the Clam Capital of the World, but now in the 21st century hardly a clam is found.  Nonetheless, the clam bake we attended had lots of clams, lobster (the California kind folks!), potatoes, sausage and vegetables, which were all steamed in this big pit.

The steaming clam pit

We ate under this huge tent.

The huge tent with a chandelier

And, the tables were beautifully set.  They sort of reminded me of those table setting contest you see at the county fair.

One of several tables under the tent

I am always fascinated by that competition.

I don’t think anyone left hungry after our feast. Yes, the weather was overcast, but considering we left triple digit heat in the LA basin – the overcast weather was a real treat for me.

Tomorrow, we are off the Santa Margarita Ranch for the first day of the Sunset Savior. Yes! Yummy!

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