Aprons Strings – the ties that almost choked me!


June 27, 2012 by Janna Roznos

The first weekend in June is the annual Tea & Fashion Show at our local museum and who do you think does the fashion show . . . . Yes, that’s right.  Me!  Needless to say, this year was  difficult (lots of volunteer drama!) and I think will be my last, too.  I have run out of energy in putting these fundraising events together, and have run out of energy with all the volunteer drama, too.  However, I did want to share what I made for the fashion show with all of you.

The theme of the fashion show is always based upon the spring exhibit so in the past, we have done business attire (for the exhibit: Show Me the Money: The History of Banking), we have done movie outfits (For the exhibit: Hollywood Comes to Whittier), we have even done the History of Motherhood when the exhibit was Underneath it All: The History of Woman’s Underwear.

So this spring the exhibit was all about aprons.  Unfortunately, the woman who was going to loan us her collection of aprons (she has over 200 of them) pulled out at the last minute and the exhibit committee (which exists of me and  . . .  well, mostly just me!) scrambled around and was able to put an exhibit together, but much of what I mounted on the walls was going to be in the fashion show, so I sewed a several aprons.

Each apron had a different story.

This was the lover’s apron for Valentine’s Day – He loves me? He loves me not?  I used this pattern:

I also used the sew-on-button foot I have my sewing machine.  It was an expensive foot (Aren’t they all?) Makes sewing on buttons so much easier.

A couple of years ago I used the exact same pattern and made 12 white aprons for the Museum, which at the time had a Victorian theme dinner theater fundraiser, fortunately this fundraising event  has been retired (Not soon enough in my opinion!) but the volunteers who serve all the food still use those aprons.

Of course, my two cats had to provide their assistance.

Another apron I made for this fashion show was this cowboy apron:

I used this Vogue pattern 8740 for it.

I also dug through my doll making stash and found this trim – barbed wire – for the pockets.

I also used the Vogue pattern for the Good Morning/Good Evening apron.  Reversible so the wearer could present a cheery face in the morning and a cocktail grin in the evening.

Good morning side of the apron.

Having a good evening side of the apron.

And finally the two aprons I made with no particular pattern – just grabbed the materials and whipped them together.

The first being the duct tape apron:

The hardest part of this apron was trying to decide what colorful duct tape to use.  And, finally the recycle plastic bag apron.

I saw this technique of melting the aprons on a sewing/craft show (sorry forgot the name of the show). The most difficult part of this was that my cats wanted to help.

And they are truly no help at all.

I have finished the Vogue 8752 jacket I mentioned in a previous post and will be posting that one next.

3 thoughts on “Aprons Strings – the ties that almost choked me!

  1. KC says:

    Wow! Patching a 200-apron hole in your exhibit and fashion show at the last minute! Well done!
    I won’t ask how you came to have barbed wire trim in your stash.

  2. Audrey says:

    I am so impressed with the wide variety of aprons you made and the creativity used. I have that barbed wire trim in black and haven’t ever used it. It was perfect for the western apron.

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