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June 17, 2012 by Janna Roznos

Who doesn’t like something that is free!

Well, yes, I do realize that just because something is free doesn’t mean that is necessarily good.  However . . . . I recently receive two free items from two different people and I think both are fantastic!

First free item is (drum roll – please!)

A serger.

The instructor, who I teaches tailoring at one of the local community colleges gave it to me.  She recently got a new one and offered me her old one.  Initially, I turned it down, because I thought it should go to someone more deserving than me (because if I really wanted a serger I could go buy one – Right?!) I had studied tailoring from her for several years and she really wanted me to have it, so I said yes.

I never really looked into getting a serger because I have heard so many horror stories about them that I thought I don’t want the frustration.

But this serger works great.  I am able to thread it – no problem with a pair of tweezers. It does a very nice stitch.  And it doesn’t take up too much room in my sewing studio.   I have only used it to clean finish the edges of a few garments, so I know I am not using it to its maximum potential – but I am not too worried about learning all the intricacies of sergering at least not yet.

Another free item I got was from this fellow sewist in my ASG Neighborhood Group (NG) (which I am the facilitator) is this Burda Style Magazine 9-2010.

Wow! I was so excited since I don’t have this edition in my arsenal of Burda’s.  In 2010, I was still buying them individually at Barnes & Noble which was a hit and miss at best.  There are several great tops (and skirt) I would like to sew from this edition and this edition has a trench coat. Yippee!  Really, I don’t need a trench coat – but I do want one!

And, finally, to my almost free fabric.  I say almost free because I bought it Michael Levine’s Loft in LA.  Michael Levine’s (their main store) is by far (in my humble sewist’s opinion) my favorite fabric store.  There are lots of other fabric stores in the LA  Fashion  District and then there are a few on the other side of town (Mood, for instance), but Michael Levine’s is the store I like the best.  The Loft across the street and up the stairs) is always a fabric hunt adventure and you never know what you may find, and, for $2.50 a pound how can I go wrong?

I want to make V8752 in the striped fabric and I have already started the muslin.

I need a light weight jacket? coat? topper? for when I walk my dog. I need something with pockets for dog treats, my phone, my house keys, those little dog poop bags and a few plastic grocery sacks to hold the little dog poop bags after my dog has pooped.  But I don’t want to look . . . how can I say this . . . dowdy?  I mean come on – I’m out walking the dog, I can be stylish, too. Can’t I?  So that is what I am currently working on.  I know it isn’t really ‘coat’ weather around here, but I am inspired to make this jacket NOW!  And when inspiration hits – I got to run with it.

And, finally, here are the other sewists in the NG and all are loot!  It was a good day!


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