Vogue 8813 – Another Lagenlook garment.


June 10, 2012 by Janna Roznos

Once again, a Vogue pattern that is a must have!

Vogue 8813

What intrigued about this pattern is that it is for woven fabrics.  I love sewing with wovens.  Sewing with knits not-so much!

Also, this pattern, Vogue 8813 has pockets.  I always need clothes with pockets.  The other ‘Lagenlook’ dress that I made recently was this Vogue 1234.

Vogue 1234

I didn’t add pockets to this dress because: 1) I only had just enough fabric to squeeze out the dress out and 2) I dislike pattern drafting and I didn’t want to try and figure out how to incorporate a pocket. I know, LAZY!

So Vogue 8813 seemed like an answer to my sewing dreams: pockets and wovens.

Front of V8813

However, not all my dreams were met with this pattern.  I still wanted to use some of my vintage buttons so since Vogue 8813 is a pullover style garment, I simply cut up the center front and added a front facing and added buttons.

I messed up with this front facing pattern piece (I muslin the dress from the pattern not any of the changes I made).  The facing piece was significantly shorter that the front of the dress, so I eased the two pieces together. If anyone asks I am going to say that this was a design enhancement rather than an oops!

I also lengthen the pattern by about 6 inches.  The lengthen/shorten line for this pattern is above the pockets –Yikes! If you use this line to lengthen the dress than the pockets may well end up down at your knees.  Well, they would have for me.  So I lengthen the pattern below the pockets so the pockets stay where they should be and are still useable.

I also added a center back seam for the bodice section (rather than cutting it on the fold).  However you really can’t see the seam with this fabric- which I guess is good.

Vogue 8813

I also finished all the raw edges with my new serger.

Well, it really isn’t new, but it is new to me and best of all is that it works wonderfully (so far) and it was free!  (I will have to brag blog about the serger later).

The fabric came from my fabric closet a.k.a my stash. This yardage hasn’t seen the light of day in probably a good ten to twelve years.  I purchased it at Sewing Expo Weekend at Nancy’s Notions Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.  We used to go to that expo every year.  I miss it. We haven’t been in a very long time.   The warehouse sale was just the best place to purchase garment fabric – of course I did have to carry it home on the plane.  I still have a few more pieces of yardage lurking in my fabric closet from Nancy Notions.

All in all I am very pleased with this dress.  I think the most time consuming part of it was hand sewing all the buttons on!  Looking forward to wearing this dress this summer.

One thought on “Vogue 8813 – Another Lagenlook garment.

  1. PK says:

    Yippee! I too was looking for a lagenlook pattern for wovens. I am not having much luck sewing knits. Maybe it is just time I learned. Thanks for this.

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