Vogue 1234 – My take on the Lagenlook


June 9, 2012 by Janna Roznos


I don’t know when I saw this pattern, but I fell in the I-have-to-have-that-now mode! Somehow saner minds prevailed and I waited and did buy this pattern while it was on sale at JoAnn’s.  I’ll admit I usually don’t wait until their pattern sales because: 1) JoAnn’s has a very small – No, that’s not right, minuscule is the better word, inventory, and as such they may not have my size or even have the pattern. 2) Going to JoAnn’s is never a quick run in and get what you want and get out again.  There is ALWAYS a line. Only one register  is opened. There is always some issue at the register that requires the manager/lead person or some other person of authority to be called to the front. And, most importantly my inability to BUY JUST ONE PATTERN!  I mean, Come On! I have to look at all the sewing books, all the fabric and (other patterns, of course) and I must peruse the magazine selection.  No wonder it takes me an afternoon to get in and out of the store.

A few changes I made to the pattern were:

I added the selvedge strips into the sleeve for a little bit of interest. The selvedge I just could not part with.

I did whack off 8 ½ inches from the bottom hem since the dress was much too long.  This pattern has no shorten/lengthen lines on it and it is recommended (per the guide sheet) to just shorten at the hem. EEKS! I thought that was the lazy way of shorten a handmade garment. Oh well, I guess it worked out in the end.  This picture before hemming (and the wrong choice of shoes, too).

I didn’t have enough fabric for the pattern lay out, so I squished and squeezed the pattern pieces on the fabric so some of the grain lines matched the selvedge and some don’t, but I think that this adds some interest to the all over garment.

I bought the fabric probably ten years ago from Nancy Notions in Beaver Dam Wisconsin. We were in Baraboo Wisconsin for a family reunion (my DH side of the family – not my side) and I convinced DH to stop in Beaver Dam.  Well, the sewing goddess was smiling on me that afternoon with fabric sale and a brat fry!  DH was happy with a brat –  Who wouldn’t be?!  And, I was happy fabric shopping!

Needless to say, I bought this fabric not knowing what I was going to do with it but serendipity was on my side (and that ever elusive sewing goddess, too) and I think the dress turned out pretty well.

I have worn this so much already I will probably wear this quite a bit before it gets just too hot here to even breathe.

This is a picture my DH took of me when I wore it for Mother’s Day.  (Not the best choice of shoes with this dress, but I just ran outside for a quick photo).

  It is a great pattern and I would recommend it  for a stylish, comfortable dress.


14 thoughts on “Vogue 1234 – My take on the Lagenlook

  1. Shams says:

    One of these days I’ll make this up. Yours looks great! I bet you get lots of wear out of it this summer.

  2. prttynpnk says:

    I love this!!!your choice of a textural fabric adds an extra note to it. Nicely done!

  3. Tia Dia says:

    I was not crazy about this pattern as modeled, but your fabric is wonderful! It really makes the dress, and I would be tempted to make up my own version if I could find a similarly interesting textured fabric. Lovely!

  4. The pattern calls for stretch knit, but your textured fabric looks woven. What is the name of the fabric? Thank you.

    • sewforward says:

      The fabric is a stretch – a very heavy stretch fabric. I don’t know the name of it. I purchased it at Nancy’s Notions Retail Store in Wisconsin (we were in the area visiting family) and I only bought it because of the colour and the texture. I really had no idea what I was going to sew, so the fabric had been in my fabric closet for probably ten years. I kept thinking I would give it away every time I cleaned out that closet but I just kept holding on to it until I found the right pattern. It’s a great dress. For winter I wear it with a RTW jacket I have and boots and summer just some sandals. The dress is very comfortable. The Vogue instructions are good – my only comment on construction is to carefully mark all the dots, notches, etc., so it will be easier to assembly the dress. There are some odd shaped pieces and if they are not marked it can get a bit confusing.

  5. Deborah Kaye says:

    Ive made this dress up twice. Both times using Cotton Lycra. One was patterned fabric and one was Black which I teamed with White top stitching on every seam. Both dresses have a completely different look with the Black being more formal looking. I lopped off 10 cm from the hemline and the only other difference was I hand sewed the points of the side inserts together. This changes the line of the dress slightly and controls the movement of the inserts. Every time I wear this dress I get huge compliments. Stylish and workable from day to night its a very easy pattern to work with, I think I may draft long sleeves for winter and make yet another one.

    • sewforward says:

      I just wore this to a family party and one cousin who sews kept asking me about it. When I got home I emailed her the pattern and she says she’s going to sew it up, too. It’s a great dress for all climates.

      • Deborah Kaye says:

        Wow nearly 2 years after your made it. Awesome. Having used Cotton Lycra although its heavy it won’t hold its crisp black colour for two years I dont think. The weather here has just turned cold so I’m wearing it with a little cream 3/4 sleeve cardigan and with cream ankle boots. When I wear it to work the general term used at me is “glamour puss” or fashionista – I’m fine with either 🙂 at my age I’ll take any compliment. I do love the fabric you used it has wonderful colour and texture, with the style – a timeless piece.

  6. Linda says:

    Great dress! Yours looks better than the one on the pattern envelope! I love Lagenlook garments especially when, like this one, the waist is somewhat defined.

  7. serge says:

    how did you get the hem so even all the way around I am struggling with mine

    • Janna Roznos says:

      The fabric is super thick and has a really nice drape so hemming it wasn’t a big issue. Although, I did, as I do with almost all my garments let it hang over night (for at least 24 hours) and then hem it.I find that with fiddly fabric it helps to let the fabric ‘relax’ a bit.

  8. serge says:

    thank you Janna I will persevere

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