I’m back to sewing!


March 25, 2012 by Janna Roznos

And, I’m back to blogging. Yeah!

And, it’s raining. Very wet outside.

I have finished two PIGS (projects-in-grocery-sacks). Yeah!

I have started two other projects and am attempting to mend some other garments. Ugh!

I recently attended (and volunteered) at the Glendale Quilt Show (which is held in Burbank) since the ASGLA had a display:

I just helped set up the display (I brought 4 of the dress forms) and then, of course, helped to take it down.  While there I did do some shopping in the vendor hall.

Besides a few notions, I purchased these patterns, felled wool and some Japanese cottons:

I am almost done with one of these purses.  I have finished all the hand work and now just have to sew it all together.  SO close to being done…..I just need that last push or this project will end up becoming another PIG. Oink!

I spend a lot (probably too much!) time surfing fabric sites on the internet.  I’ve been pretty good on not buying anything, although, I have been known for leaving fully loaded shopping carts in fabric websites across the information highway.  So, to satisfy this need  I have (or had) besides empting the entire content of my wallet in the vendor hall at the Glendale Quilt Show, I  purchased this Icon Shirt kit from The Sewing Workshop:

Now I must be perfectly honest here: the style of this shirt doesn’t really thrill me. Not sure if I like the uneven hem lines (sorry TSW family & fans) however, the fabric does! It has big circles of mustard yellow, grey and off white. Big.  Huge. Polka dots!  I love polka dots (just look at my kitchen table cloth).

Yes. Yes. Yes. I know.  I could have just bought the fabric, but I thought . . . Well, why not the pattern, too?  It comes in a kit.  Pattern. Fabric. Buttons.  All inside a great zipper pouch to store the pattern in once I am done sewing the blouse.  I should try and sew something different.  Shouldn’t I?!  This is definitely unique and, I do like cotton blouses for summer – so why not!

The sewing stars must have been in total alignment on this one because after I received this in the mail, sure enough the pattern was reviewed on Pattern Review. And, a good review, too.

So far I have traced off the pattern and am attempting to put muslin together to test the fit.

I also have stocked up on some patterns from  the last pattern sale at JoAnn’s.

The Vogue pattern 1234 (on your right) I have already sewn but have not blogged about.  The dress is currently hanging in the closet.  It is much too long so I need to shorten it. I should add it to my mending pile.

So the conclusion to this rambling post . . . I think I should get back  to sewing!


2 thoughts on “I’m back to sewing!

  1. This is a topic that is close to my heart… Best wishes!
    Where are your contact details though?

    • sewforward says:

      Well, I am still ‘building’ my blog. Yep, I am pretty slow on all this. But you can always leave a message in the comments and I will -sooner or later- respond.

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