Am I blogging? Or bragging?


February 20, 2012 by Janna Roznos

I haven’t been the best ‘blogger’, in fact I have been pretty lousy at it.  And, as, much as I would like a premier blog, I would much rather read other blogs than write my own.

I am more of a reader than a writer – okay that’s  a DUH!

But also I come from the view point that it is not proper to brag about oneself or one’s accomplishments.  I mean, I am sure I do brag about what I have done – don’t we all! But, talking about my latest sewing project, “Hey I made this!” to writing about it is different.  Somehow writing about it and sending it out into cyberspace seems so much more permanent than me “yada yada yada” with some friends.

Ironically, it is other sewist’s blogs and their sewing accomplishments that I love to read and find inspirational – so this internal dialogue I have with myself: blog vs. brag conflict may rage around in my head with no resolution.  As a result, my blog may languish in this sort of half way to being great to almost being forgetful.

But in the meantime, let me brag a little bit  . . .

Vogue 8499 Marcy Tilton Wearable Art

I recently made these pants – View B.  And, even though, I have several garments made that I haven’t blogged about I am writing about this project because I have pictures of me wearing the garment (where as the garments I don’t).

So anyway . . .  the best part of choosing an ‘older’ pattern is that you can glean a lot of information from the reviews on PR. It’s like being the last one picked in PE – at the time, it seems so traumatic not being the first one picked or the first one to sew up a brand new pattern and getting lots of reviews, but actually I think it is better not being first.

Being picked last in PE  was good because no one expected great things from me out there on the kickball field – Horray for mediocrity! Same with waiting for the newness of a pattern to pass.  By waiting to make this, I was able to  read through all the reviews on this pattern and learn from  other sewist’s struggles.  I discovered that these pants run large, extremely large.  And that the waist band is wonky to construct.  Also, I was disappointed to find that there are no finished measurements for any these three garments on the pattern pieces nor on the Guide Sheet – Are Vogue and Marcy Tilton trying to slip one by me?! Or are they just being mediocre?

Needless to say, I sewed up muslin in straight size 14. Wow! Jumbo size! I could fit another person in the pants with me.  Of course, it would have to be a really handsome guy and since DH flatly refused to participate in such nonsense, I reworked the pants pattern and removed most of the ease for a simpler silhouette.

(Yes, first time I have posted a picture with my head not cropped out!)

The fabric is from JoAnn’s (I think?)  I have put myself on a very restrictive ‘informal’ Fabric Fast and am getting down into the depths of my fabric closet.  And, so I am not all too sure where I got this light weight denim from, but probably JoAnn’s.

I decided to topstitch the pants, which meant LOTS of topstitching thread, which for some strange reason I had in my stash.  Well, after I completed the pants I realized that the topstitching thread is for another project that has been sitting undone for months (maybe years) now.  My brother’s Leisure Suit. Oops! Now I’ve got to get more topstitching thread for that project.

Even though it looked like I had enough material for these pants – I didn’t.  So I pieced the back panel down by the ankle.  I topstitched the seam – just because I thought it would look neat.

The waistband instructions are a bit off beat but the waist band it actually very comfortable.  But if you were making them I would pay close attention to that section or modify the waistband to a sew on casing instead.

Ultimately I like the pants, I think I would probably sew them again in some other fabric.  They are comfortable (very important!) and stylish (unique) and actually pretty easy to sew up.  And, best of all. I have a picture of me wearing them!

6 thoughts on “Am I blogging? Or bragging?

  1. KC says:

    It’s nice to see your face! Is the top Tilton Wearable Art as well? It’s very attractive. So are the pants, of course.

  2. Audrey says:

    You do look very stylish in the Marcy Tilton pants and that interesting gold top you are wearing with them. I saw a pair of pants very similar to those in a fancy art to wear boutique recently and they cost $700. Aren’t we glad we sew!

  3. sewforward says:

    Thanks for the comments. I wore the pants – the whole ensemble in the pictures- yesterday to my Aunt Alice’s 98th birthday party!
    As for the orange and black polka dot top – it’s a felled (felted) wool jacket that I didn’t make, but purchased at the Pasadena Bead Show last month. The designer is Barbara de Jounge. I don’t know if she has website or not. She does create some truly remarkable garments.

  4. sewforward says:

    Her website is great. Thanks for finding it.

  5. Shams says:

    I hope you blog more. People love it. It’s so nice to see women of our age, our demographic, our style, sharing what we make, what we wear. It’s very inspirational. People can tell when a blogger has an off-putting attitude or tone, and you definitely do not.

    But if blogging is not your thing, that’s ok too. I have many many sewing friends who sew better clothing than I do but do not put it online anywhere. They just aren’t interested.

    I am now following you. I LOVE your work. LOVE LOVE. 😀

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