Where have I been?

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February 4, 2012 by Janna Roznos

So what do you do when your  hard drive crashes?


Sew. Of course!


I sewed three pairs of jeans.  I had planned on participating in the Pattern Review Jean Contest, but now I have lost the enthusiasm for it.  My jeans are really just pants: no rivets, no metallic fastener in the front – Sorry! forgot the proper name of that – and no metal zipper in the fly nor even a fly front, just a regular ole’ nylon zipper from JoAnn’s.  But they are made from denim so I am calling them jeans.  I really don’t feel like sewing up another pair for the contest even though I have two more pieces of denim yardage lurking in my fabric closet.

Besides jeans, I have also sewn five pairs of Yoga Pants. 

Here are only three of them, the other ones are in the laundry basket.  Why five pairs?  Well, the Neighborhood Group that I host for the ASG is doin’ Yoga Pants so I have made them up in several different styles and besides, these pants are super comfortable and super easy to fit and sew – Yes! I sew them  on my sewing machine . . . no serger required.

I haven’t reviewed either of these projects on Pattern Review – as of yet.  I keep thinking I should and then I always find something else I would rather do – like sew.

I did go snow skiing (last month) in Mammoth  although I don’t have any pictures to share (they were lost with the hard drive crash) but we did stop at Schat’s Bakery in Bishop and I loaded up on bread and cookies.  Yummy!

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