Where have I been? Where am I going? Some Random Thoughts.

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December 17, 2011 by Janna Roznos

Still sewing – I have been fitting some trousers that I am almost done with and am eagerly trying to finish up so I can write up a review.    I do have some other completed projects, like the Silhouette Yoga Pants that I should review but I just haven’t yet.

Silhouette Pattern #3400 Yoga Pant

 I have made three pairs of these yoga pants so far and seem to wear them as much as possible – not all three pairs at the same time!  I need to get a picture of me wearing them and then I’ll write up my review – which will be good since this is a great pattern.

This past week, I went to a funeral for a friend’s mother.  Over the years, we have drifted apart due to other obligations, work and such; however, we are very much the same in our life’s situation, out look and sense of humor.   As I walked in the church she gave me a big smile and said, ‘I haven’t seen you in so long time.’  We hugged and I told her I know how difficult it is to lose your mother, regardless if it is the holiday season or not.  Even though she told me that the service was going to be a ‘Celebration of Life’; it was difficult not to be touched by the sadness of the occasion. 

I did, however, sit and sketch during the service.  I know, you are probably are not suppose to ‘sketch’ during a church service – Geez! When we were children we were forbidden to even turn around in church, but I now sketch wherever I go whether it’s appropriate or not – with age comes the undeniable stubborn streak that I am going to do what it is I want to do!

Of course, all I could sketch is the back of people’s heads and the minister and a few of the flowers and such:

I also have been reading a lot!  I usually go through waves where I read nothing not even the newspaper – Quelle horror!  And, then suddenly I am eager to read anything I can.  In order to quench this odd behavior of mine, I visit our local library and pick a topic and read all the books I can find.  Right now, it is Paris.  I’ve been to Paris – years ago- but I do enjoy hearing other impressions of the City of Lights. Also, books about Paris inevitably have recipes in them and I am always eager to try a new recipe and so I baked this bacon and blue cheese bread which is from the book, The Sweet Life in Paris, by David Lebovitz.

I really don’t like the bread (too savory for me!), but DH loves it and has been having it with his morning coffee.  So it is sort of a success, but not a recipe I will be making again.

Also this past week, I met up with another blogger and gave her a tour of the Whittier Museum Textile Department where I volunteer.  I was recently asked why I got to be in our local Whittier Christmas Parade and the answer is simple: because no one else – like the other volunteers or even the members of the Board of Directors – wanted to do it!   And, I mean by doing it, all you have to do is sit in a car and wave to the crowd and yell Merry Christmas.  Not a tough assignment. 

But back to the textiles, my predecessor, who was responsible for the textiles, would never let anyone into the Textile Room and begrudging would allow any of the garments to go on display.  Me, on the other hand, am eager to put different garments on display.  My mantra is what good is it to preserve all these great garments if no one ever sees them.   And, my fellow blogger gave the Museum this swatch card for our collection:

Swatch Card

It was a great visit – particular for me, since I always learn so much from other sewers who are interested in vintage and antique textiles.

I was recently asked about the Tutorial Section here on my blog, which if you have visited that section you have discovered a vast wasteland.  It is empty.  I had initially planned on putting the Toaster Method tutorial up there, but got inundated with other activities and never got around to it.  I do have the tutorial all ready to go and so I will try and post it soon, perhaps even in the next week.  Let’s keep are fingers crossed!



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