Another Busy Weekend


December 12, 2011 by Janna Roznos

Another busy weekend; I guess that’s good other than it keeps my away from the sewing machine!  Friday, I went to the Corona College Heights (CCH) Annual Meeting.  My family’s business is citrus – we grow oranges (actually mandarins), lemons and avocados and the CCH is the packing house (not sure if that is the PC term but that is what I grew up calling it).  If you have ever eaten a Cutie that is sold in grocery stores in a blue box or bag it may have come from our orchard.  Here is a picture of some lemons before they get sorted and boxed.

This meeting is where we get the end the end of the year report and meet up with all the other Citrus Ranchers and get this incredibly delicious lunch (my favorite) and they always have speaker.  Needless to say, I spend some of the time just doodling.

On Saturday, I was in our local Christmas Parade.  This is the second year that I have been in it (not counting the times I marched in it when I was a child).

The city expected over 30,000 people to view this parade – pretty good for a local event organized by a bunch of volunteers!

So Sunday, I just putz’d around the house (cleaning/laundry/organizing) and by Sunday evening I finally got to sit down and sew.  Finally.

And, today, it is raining – a lot!   A nice change from the cold, dry weather we have been having, too, hopefully it is snowing in the local mountains and the ski season will be a success this year!


One thought on “Another Busy Weekend

  1. KC says:

    I love the glimpses of real California you provide in your blog! When I practiced law I represented a couple of agricultural coops and spent some time in the eastern vastness of LA county. What do you do in the parade?

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