Besides sewing, I like to . . .


December 4, 2011 by Janna Roznos

I love to sew. I think anyone who knows me has figure that one out, but what I also love to do and have been ‘doing’ longer than sewing is drawing.  I really don’t consider myself an ‘artist’ but rather just a sketcher because I only draw in sketch books or on the back of used envelopes that are destined for the recylcling bin.  I have never had a drawing of mine framed although I did sell a drawing I did in high school – the campus cop bought it for ten bucks!

So as a treat for my birthday – which is today!  I won’t mention how old I am because you would be shocked to hear it.  I look MUCH older than I am and when I tell people my age there is always this awkward silence. 

Anyway, yesterday I went to my favorite art store, Art Supply Warehouse, and with my pocket stuffed with my birthday cash I had planned on buying lots of art supplies, however, I really didn’t get that much.  A few things I wanted they didn’t have (which means I need to go back) and well, I guess I just wasn’t in the art-supply-shopping-mood – go figure 😦  Nonetheless, I did get a new watercolor set and some mix media pads and my very, favorite drawing pencils so I am set for awhile.

And, this morning we went to breakfast for my birthday and although the waitress did goof up the order the food was delicious – so I am another year older, maybe not any wiser, but still kicking!

And, yes, it is snowing on my blog!  eventhough it rarely ever snows in the LA basin, here in cyberspace – anything can happen.

One thought on “Besides sewing, I like to . . .

  1. sewbarbie says:

    The things you learn on a blog, you’re an artist too! Happy Birthday!!!!!!

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