Burda Skirt


November 21, 2011 by Janna Roznos

I have been sewing and have several completed garments to blog about however, I just have not made the time to sit down and gather my thoughts to blog about them nor have I had anyone around to take pictures of me.  So yesterday, before we climbed in the car to go to my mother-in-laws 75th birthday, I had my DH snap a few photos of me wearing my skirt, Burda 10-2011-103.

DH is much taller than I am so every photo he has ever snapped of me is looking down (I have some remarkable photos of the top of my head).  But I figure ‘beggars can’t be picky’ so I thanked him for his efforts.

This skirt is a jean style skirt but each panel is cut on the bias.  I read somewhere (don’t remember where) that this is called a maxi skirt.

From the Burda 10-2011 issue

It is super cute in a plaid, but I didn’t want to sew it up in a plaid because I am ‘bottom heavy’ so a plain fabric suits me better (or at least I think so).  This is stretch twill, which I purchased years ago at JoAnn’s Fabrics.  Another bit of fabric from my Fabric Closet.

Although the back shows some odd wrinkles –

(I think it is because I am not standing up straight. )  The skirt is very comfortable however, it is a tiny bit restrictive when walking up and down stairs.  This could be due my choice of fabric – even though the fabric is a stretch twill it is not that stretching on the bias.  Ultimately, I like the skirt and will probably wear it quite a bit, especially after I make a matching jacket and thus have a suit; however, I don’t think I would make the skirt again only because I do have LOTS of other patterns I would like to sew up  from the same issue of Burda.

However, next up is a Burda blouse (11-2010-106) I am almost finished with it – just few more hours and I will have another great blouse to wear.  Hopefully it won’t be so long between blog entires. . . I’m keeping my fingers crossed!



3 thoughts on “Burda Skirt

  1. Jen says:

    I’ve just bought that Burda mag and was liking that blouse too, I look forward to your comments on that one. The cape on the front cover has me very interested too.

  2. sewbarbie says:

    I love the skirt, pockets are perfect. Burda has been a challenge for me, don’t love tracing, but you are inspiring me to go for it.

  3. Judith says:

    Love the colour of your skirt. I also have the same ‘problem’ with photos – hubby is 6’4 and I a mere 5’6. Needless to say we are both in the funny angled photo club!!!

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