On to Plan B

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October 26, 2011 by Janna Roznos

Well, what I had planned for today – Plan A; didn’t work out.  So now I am on to Plan B.  It helps – at least I have been told – to be flexible and not to ‘stress out’ over every little thing.  Yeah right!

Front View of the Elegant Witch Costume

I have sort of finished one Halloween costume.  The guy (yes, a guy) who will be wearing this is scheduled to be over this afternoon for the finally fitting and he needs to show me exactly where he wants me to hand sew the roses. 

Back View

Since I finished everything on this dress earlier last night, I got out this skirt that I had started weeks ago.  I have made two other ‘jeans to skirt’ skirts and I wear them quite a lot.  So I really wanted to make another, but I was unable to find the directions.  ARGH!

My third 'jeans to skirt' skirt.

I know I had it. I know I read it.  The problem was I couldn’t find it.  I had put it away and forgot where I had put it.  Another – ARGH!  So, I stood for awhile staring at the bookcase and slowly went through several notebooks and there it was- in the notebook I have that is all about making jeans.  Eureka!

Instructions for Making Jeans into Skirts.

I am still missing two Silhouette patterns that I purchased at the ASG Conference this last August.  I know I have them somewhere – unfortunately, I just don’t know ‘where’ where is!

So on to Plan B!


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