Sewing again.

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October 24, 2011 by Janna Roznos

It is fall here in the greater Los Angeles area, which means warm clear days and cool nights; however according to the calendar, it means: Halloween.

I’m not sure when Halloween transformed from a children’s holiday of going door to door and collecting candy to the huge elaborate costumed extravaganza that it is today.  Needless to say I have gotten caught up in the Halloween hubabaloo – not that I dress up, but rather I am making costumes.  Of course, this goes against my mantra, “Do not sew for others!”  However, that mantra is slowly fading as I have spent the last two weeks working on costumes.

Fortunately, my brother has told me that his costume can wait until next year, of course in the interim I made him a toga for a last minute Halloween party, but another friend wants elegant witch costume, so I have been making roses.

Elegant Witch Roses

I ran out of ribbon so I need to make yet another trip to JoAnns Fabrics to get more of this ribbon since the ‘elegant witch’ which wants lots of roses. The clock is ticking on this one.

 We recently were on vacation in Yosemite. Neither of us had been to Yosemite since we were kids so it was really sort of neat to revisit a place that we had experienced with our respective families.

Yosemite after the rain and snow.

For the most part it hasn’t changed too much, but it is actually – I think – better.  They now have a bus system that runs the length of the valley floor so you don’t need to drive your car around, which was nice and they have become pro-active in preventing bear attacks, too.  I think they call it bear abatement.  I don’t think there is a HUGE bear problem in the fall – don’t bears hibernate?  Whereas in spring –  Those bears are hungry!  We stayed here at the Ahwahnee  Hotel.

We were booked in one of the 'cabins' tucked away in the forest.

We had planned several different day hikes but it rained, got cold and snowed!  So Plan A was out and we went with Plan B – a trip through the Valley floor on a tour bus.  I am always a little apprehensive of the tour bus experience, but this one was great.  While there I picked up this book and read it for the rest of the trip.  I know, it sounds morbid, but it was a fascinating book.  A great read.

After Yosemite we drove to San Francisco where I visited my two favorite spots: Britex Fabrics and Fluveog shoes.  Now, living in LA we have some really great fabric stores, but I always must stop by Britex when I am there and – buy fabric!

I bought two lengths of blouse fabric.  Not sure what pattern I am going to use yet.

Same with Fluevog.  Yes, there is a store in Santa Monica, but I like to buy shoes on vacation – I don’t fret over the price that way, because, ‘Hey I’m on vacation!’  I have wanted these since last time I was in the city by the bay.

Pilgrim by Fluevog

And, finally, we had started our trip in the Central Coast (of California) at the Sunset Savior event which is their huge, food and wine festival.  We had a wonderful time, and best of all I got to milk a goat!  Hey! Simply pleasures here!

Back to sewing!

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