The Summer of Skirts


September 12, 2011 by Janna Roznos

This was not what I had planned.  It was to be the summer of dresses.  I was going to upgrade my wardrobe by sewing several new dresses. I did finish one dress – which I haven’t even worn yet  (nor blogged about) and another dress I disliked the toile (muslin) that I had made so I threw it away.  So I went back to what I know and like skirts.

My fashion drawing.

Skirts are easy to make.  They can be coordinated with all sorts of T-shirts/blouses and they are comfortable (more comfortable to wear than a dress – at least for me).

My most recent skirt is Silhouette Pattern #2910 – Michael’s Skirt. 

Silhouette #2910 Michael's Skirt Pattern

I have been wanting to make this pattern since I took a fitting class from Peggy Sagers’ of Silhouette Patterns last January.  One of the instructors in the class, Jeannie (forgot her last name) had sewn this skirt and it was so adorable – I had to get the pattern and make it.  Well, I didn’t buy the pattern until this August at the ASG Conference that was held here in Los Angeles, but it was the first project I sewed after sitting through three days of sewing education.

The skirt came out great.  It requires very little fitting since it is a pretty well drafted pattern.  The biggest issue was that I had to shorten the skirt by about two inches and the zipper I had bought from Linda McGee at the ASG Conference was now too long. ARGH!

Zipper is just a tad bit too long!

Fortunately I had other zippers (the one I ended up using came from Michael Levine’s in LA).

My zipper stash.

I followed the Silhouette Pattern instructions to find the best size for me (size 12) and I added 1” side seams for a little ‘just in case’ fitting adjustment.  I didn’t line my skirt (as the pattern instructions recommended) since I made this skirt from a poplin fabric – like  denim- and it is just a casual skirt to take me from the warm days of fall here in LA to the winter (which is  warm, too). I can wear this skirt with sandals or boots (which I did yesterday at a Museum exhibit opening).

The fabric came form Marcy Tilton’s website, which I had won from her Facebook contest about a month or so ago. 

Conclusion? This is a great skirt pattern.  I definitely will be making this again but will ‘upgrade’ to a better fabric – maybe tropical wool and include the lining and such on the next skirt, too.

So I mentioned the ASG Conference.  It was great. I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend.  I wasn’t able to stay in the hotel but had to commute everyday, which wasn’t so bad, but I did miss a lot of the socializing since I was not there in the evenings.

I took some really informative and creative classes and one of the best classes I took was Jennifer Stern’s Jeans to Skirt class.  She has taught this class for Pattern Review (PR) but every time it was offered for what ever reason I was unable to enroll, so I jumped at the chance to take it at the ASG Conference.  She is a wonderful teacher – patient, understanding and explains every single step of the process and provides lots of great ideas and design alternatives, too.  She brought several of the skirts that she had made and each one was even cleverer than the last.  I ended up making this skirt in class:

Jean to Skirt Upcycle.

This is from an old pair of jeans that no longer fit me.  Years ago, when the jeans did fit me, I had sewn the cat appliqué on to cover up a hole in the jeans.  Gosh! I loved these jeans and I just couldn’t part with them and now, I have transformed them into a skirt I can wear again and again.

After the conference I made this jean skirt.

Another Jean to Skirt Upcycle

These jeans did fit me, but I rarely ever wore them.  I decided to try my ‘luck’ at machine embroidery and so I spent one evening embroidering the sunflower on the back. 

Machine Embroidery on the back. Phew! Got to work this time! Yeah!

 I also removed the back pockets and then sewed them back on with the raw edges exposed.  The more I wash and wear this skirt the more frayed the edges will become.  I am planning on wearing this with tights and boots later in the year when the weather cools a bit.

Back of Skirt

And finally, my last skirt to brag about – I mean, ‘blog’ about is this one:

My 'golf' skirt.

This is Burda 2010-140:

Burda 4-2010-140 skirt

 I have made this once before in denim.  This fabric, for this version, was purchased at Gay Feather in Madison WI about ten years ago.  It is a Robert Kaufman print and it is a ‘bark cloth’.  Since it is such a loose weave I underlined it in muslin.  I wish I had purchased more of this fabric then I could have matched the motifs at the center front –at least!  As it was I only purchased 1 yard of 60” fabric so I really has to squeeze to get this skirt from it.  All in all, it is a comfortable skirt to wear and maybe now that own a ‘golf skirt’ I might try taking up golf again – yeah right!

My last skirt of the summer is still in work.  I have yet to perfect the muslin – an entirely different design then what I have been sewing. But I think I am going to put that away and work on the ever exacerbating Leisure Suit that I promised my brother.  ARRRRRGGGHHHH!

And finally, a few cat pictures.  They love to help!

Darby trying on the skirt for size.


Fitzwilliam giving the skirt a good press.


One thought on “The Summer of Skirts

  1. sewbarbie says:

    Wow, you’ve been busy! I can’t choose my favorite skirt, they are all beautiful in their own way. I must admit that I don’t love embroidery on anything, but the jeans skirt is taken to new heights by the addition.

    Happy sewing!

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