Where have I been?

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August 16, 2011 by Janna Roznos

It has been a long time since I have blogged about anything – sewing or otherwise.  I wish I could say that I had been in South America snow skiing or that I was risking my life and limbs in the Death Zone on Mount Everest  or maybe, even that I had picked up and moved from southern California to an exotic local, but I haven’t done any of those activities.  I’ve been here all along.

And, even though I have not blogged since  . . . a long time ago,  I have been sewing.  I had planned to sew several new dresses for myself, but I ended up sewing skirts and tops and pants instead.  But more on that later….

I did go the FIDM exhibit on the Little Black Dress – which has been shortened to just ‘LBD’. (Who knew?!)

LBD aka Little Black Dress

It was a small exhibit, but worth the trip into LA especially since I will be attending the ASG Sewing Conference (which is here in LA) and I will be taking Susan Khalje workshop on . . . get ready for it: The LBD!   To get us started for this workshop we have to have our muslin (toile) of our LBD ready to be fitted, which I have done.

Muslin (toile) of my own pattern morphing design.

However, I never did find a pattern I liked so I modified three different patterns that I have morphed into this one dress.  The muslin looks pretty – YUK!  But I think once I make it out of some really luscious fashion fabric it will be a great LBD – especially since it’s my own design (with help from Burda/Vogue and some other pattern company that I can’t remember the name right now).  I realize that this workshop is only one day (8-5) and there is no way I will be completing this dress (particularly since I haven’t even picked out the fashion fabric yet! ) but I can’t afford to take one of her Sit & Sew with Susan Khalje Workshops so this ASG conference workshop will have to do.

I did win a Facebook contest!  I won a $100 worth of fabric from Macy Tilton’s website! Yeah for me! It was difficult to choose the fabrics because: 1) I am one of those old fashion sewers – I need to feel the fabric and I need to see how it drapes – hard to do on a computer screen and 2) If I don’t get it at JoAnn’s then I am downtown in LA’s Fashion District shopping at Michael Levine’s  . . . in other words, I really need to know I am getting my monies worth and how do I know I am getting my monies worth if I can’t feel the fabric?!  However, when you win $100 to buy fabric – it’s not your money!  This was a real treat for me to shop at an internet site!

My 'loot' from Marcy Tilton Facebook Contest

Besides my big win and this LBD muslin and other sewing projects that I will blog about later, I have been drawing more and more.  I finally broke down and took a watercolor class at Adult Ed in Anaheim and it was not so good!  But I did find another watercolor class (which is local – like 5 minute drive)  and it is great! The instructor is great!  The fellow watercolorists are great!  Even the classroom is great!

Mandarin Oranges from our tree.

Why is it that sometimes you can just connect with the group dynamic and other times you want to run screaming from the building! 

I also had big plans on improving my blog so I got this book from the library. 

If I only had a pocket protector . . .

I did try and read it, but . . . I think I need one of those Idiot Guide to WordPress . . . this book was a little bit too technical for me.  I also tried to link my blog with my Facebook page – well as you can see I got nowhere with that either.

So I am still struggling to improve my blog.  I think I just need to spend some more time looking for the right assistance. And,  I need to  start blogging about the garments I have made and to go post them on Pattern Review, too, which I have completed lost touch with as well.  But this week – I will be at the ASG Conference.  I am just too, too, too excited!!  I just can’t wait!


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