A project not on my ‘Sew To Do List’


May 24, 2011 by Janna Roznos

I recently decided that I needed to re-think the whole purse, tote bag, small piece of luggage I was hauling around on my shoulder. Mostly because I was getting a back ache from carrying a purse like this one. And, I have discovered that this purse is the perfect conduit for purse stew!Either the purse is just too big so everything gets jumbled up inside or there are some little gremlins living in there and they stir up all the contents so every time I wanted something out of my purse it was a treasure hunt.

So to remedy my ‘purse drama’ I made this one:

The fabric came from a skirt I bought at the Annual Antique Fair – sort of like a flea market. The skirt had a 20” waist, which I don’t have, so the seller asked me what I was going to do with the skirt since obviously I couldn’t wear it. When I told him I would just bought it for the fabric, I think he probably was thinking he should have charged me more!

The pattern is this one:

I am really happy with the purse.

It is relatively easy to make.

I did add self covered piping along the outside edges and I did add some interior pockets and so the inside of my purse now stays very organized, which leads me to believe that the gremlins only live in the Le Sak. Also, with a smaller purse, I carry less “stuff’ and as such my back feels better.

A few more pictures:

The button is a left over from a previous project.

The purse hardware was salvaged from a purse that I no longer used.

The zipper and zipper pull is from Clover, which I purchase while at Sewing Expo at Nancy’s Notions in Beaver Dam WI.

Now back to sewing my brother’s Leisure Suit.

My brother called me today on his lunch period and the first question I had for him was, “Are you wanting a Leisure Suit update?” He laughed and said, “No”. He was calling about electric lawn mowers. Another topic entirely! Back to the Leisure Suit . . .

Suit pieces awaiting topstitching.

I am slowly making progress on this suit – can’t wait to have his done so I can work on some dresses for me !


One thought on “A project not on my ‘Sew To Do List’

  1. Karin says:

    Super cute bag! I really like to carry cloth bags. They are so much lighter than the big expensive leather ones!

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