Royal Wedding? But, it’s Spring Skiing!


May 3, 2011 by Janna Roznos

I must have been the only person on the face of the planet that didn’t watch the Royal Wedding.  I was up and wide awake at 4:00 am in the morning, but I was driving 325 miles to Mammoth Mountain.  Six hours later we were hitting the slopes to get in some spring skiing.

Of course, I know I wasn’t the only person not watching the Royal Wedding –  the highway wasn’t completely deserted at that time in the morning.  My two car mates didn’t get to see the wedding either; however, they were sound alseep while I was driving.

I have several sewing projects in different stages of completion.  My plan is to sew four dresses for summer. I was hoping to get these done before the hot weather, but the hot weather got here first.  I think it is suppose to be 90 degress again today.

The first dress, which is done and I have worn it, too, is this one:

After the first wearing I need to alter the armscye so once I am done with that, I will be posting pictures of it.

Another dress that I have almost completed is this one:

Of course, my dress doesn’t look like this  – because, of course, I don’t look like that.

The last two dresses  are still in the planning stages:


I have traced the pattern for this one and will next be making a muslin to check the fit.  And, finally the last planned dress is this one:

Yes, I know this is a trench coat and not a dress. My plan is to modify the pattern into a dress.

 Geez! I have some big plans!?  I better get sewing.


2 thoughts on “Royal Wedding? But, it’s Spring Skiing!

  1. Lauren R says:

    I’m really curious to see your finished Burda dress. I’m working on it too! And, I haven’t found any reviews yet. I traced the pattern (my first Burda! what a mess!), and am trying to work out what I’ll have to adjust: possible FBA, lengthen the waist, and lengthen the hem. The dart instructions gave me a lot of grief. I’m assuming they’re sewn to show on the outside, but be pressed to center and topstitched. Interesting. How is yours going?

  2. sewforward says:

    To Lauren R- I wasn’t sure which Burda dress you were referring to but I have got one done and one on its way. I sewed the darts on Burda 4-2011-106 (body darts and bust darts) the traditional way – on the inside of the garment. Tracing Burda patterns can give me a headache, but in the end I think it is worth it. I have gotten better at tracing, but it is still a chore, but even with the alterations I make with the Burda patterns they fit me so much better than any other pattern company I have tried. Besides, I really like having the magazine delivered to my house. It is the only fashion mag I even subscribe to anymore. Good luck with your dress.

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