A Burda Blouse? You bet!

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April 3, 2011 by Janna Roznos

Another Burda completed! Yeah! 

This is the only project I have made from the July 2010 issue of Burda.

I finished this blouse even before I had finished my jean skirt, but just had not blogged about it.  I have already worn it several times, too. 

Nothing is better than wearing something you made and feeling great in it! Well, maybe a box of chocolates – preferably See’s Candies, but I digress.

I made a muslin of this to start off.  I have had so much success with Burda, I am thinking about forgoing the whole muslin step, but I am a little bit apprehensive of doing that since I do learn a lot about the garment when I see it and try it on in the muslin stage.

The fabric came from Mood here in Los Angeles.  I was over on the west side of town to visit LACMA (in other words the LA County Museum of Art) and – what do you know – MOOD Fabrics is just a skip, jump away! How convenient is that!

The fabric is a rayon cotton blend, which I didn’t even realize had some stretch to it.  I probably noticed this when I was in Mood but I was also close to a comatose state looking and feeling all the wonderful fabrics that they have in that store.  I was counting my self lucky I only bought this piece of yardage and not a whole car load – which I could have easily done.  Their fabrics are addictive!

Rather than buying new buttons, I figured I would use ones from my stash.  Well, the problem with using stuff from my stash is that I may have a lot but I don’t necessarily have enough of one type of button.

After sifting through the plastic bags (I had thought I had organized all my  buttons?) I finally came up with enough buttons for this shirt.

Finally, I like the shirt, it is very comfortable.  Since the yardage is a stretch woven I probably should have chosen a more fitted style (lesson learned there!) but I had my heart set on this blouse in this fabric. 

As for my other projects . . . I have finished the tutorial for the Toaster Method of sewing a collar band and collar onto a shirt; however, I gave a copy of it to my Tailoring Instructor and asked her to read through it just to make sure it made sense and she has not gotten back to me.   Also, rather than just dumping it (the Tutorial) into this blog I thought I would make another Tab on this blog and put it there.  Sounds easy huh?  Well, I am slowly learning more about how this wordpress system works – never fear the Tutorial is coming and I hope soon.

And with that, my sewing machine is calling my name!


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