Sew for Others? Yes, I do!


March 12, 2011 by Janna Roznos

I know a lot of sewists that cringe when asked if they will sew something for others and I usually tell people that,  ‘No I don’t do custom sewing’ however, for family members I  do have an open door to my sewing room.  Or as DH usually calls it ‘The Sewing Cave’.

I wish I had pictures of ALL the sewing repairs/mending/fixing/altering and adjusting I have done for family members over the years, but I don’t.  Maybe that is all for the best.  My last project was replacing the carrying handles for my brother’s race car helmet carrying case.


Apparently, the helmet designed to protect my brother’s  ‘noggin’ in a crash must be stored and transported in this protective/padded bag.  According to my brother that way the helmet won’t get scratched as you travel from one race to another. (But won’t it get scratched when you crash?) My brother gave me no answer to my question only asked me to replace the handles on the bag.  I had thought I would do the handles in a nice flowery print.  Wouldn’t the other race care drivers be jealous! But I opted for this nice brown stripe instead and added a velcro handle, too.  He did really like it when he came by to pick it up. 

Of course, I am still behind in my other projects and the deadlines that I have set for myself have long since passed.  First being this jacket, will I ever get it done?  When I ever get back to it? Who knows?

Silhouette Jacket #1700

Also is my tutorial on the Toaster Method of putting on a collar stand/band and collar.  My original notes from when I first learned this back in the previous century.

Original Instructions for the Toaster Method

 It is easier – so much so for me – to show someone how to do this then to write it up as directions. I mean, I can understand my own notes, but will others?    I am almost done with it – so hopefully, I will have it posted here soon.

And, finally, a project I did finish and have worn several times is from this pattern.

Burda 7-2010- 129 Blouse

I still need to post/blog about it – especially since I used everything from my stash.  Which sounds easy, but  . . . it wasn’t. I  finished this blouse before the Burda skirt that I posted on March 1st, but this blouse was a little bit more complicated then I has thought it was going to be. 

So I am still around and I am still sewing.   Lately I have been feeling like this:

Although thank heavons I don’t look like that.  I think I need to just get more exercise and then I will be back in the swing of things. ‘Til next time.


2 thoughts on “Sew for Others? Yes, I do!

  1. Karin says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of sewing for others lately: maternity dress for sister, chair pads for girls’ desk chairs. And now I am definitely in the mood to sew something for myself!

  2. Rochelle says:

    I try not to. I find that it’s more stressful because I spend most of my time worrying that it won’t meet their expectations and less time enjoying the project.

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