Birthday for Myself


January 16, 2011 by Janna Roznos

Last month was my birthday.  This year I gave myself the birthday present I have wanted for some time now: a subscription to Burda Magazine.  Now I know many sewers have not renewed their subscriptions: I have read the blogs, Pattern Review message boards and the like about how ‘bad’ Burda has become and, usually, I am swayed by my sewing peers opinion, but not this time.

Single Burda Issues and Wrist Pin Cushion

In the past I have purchased  Burda at a bookstore in Glendale when I have had to be over on that side of town (since I have been unable to find it locally) or I have picked up old issues at a shop down south.  So yesterday, I was just thrilled when the February issue of Burda arrived.  I have been just looking at the patterns over and over again – Will I make anything from it?  Who knows? I haven’t made anything from the January 2011 issue yet?  And the blazer I started from the ’97 issue I have is on hold until I purchase some silk organza (more on that later).  So as I sit here flipping through the pages. What is it that I see and others don’t?  For me it is the possibilities of what I can make that is uniquely for me, and fits only me.

 Also, for my birthday, I splurged and purchased a wrist pin cushion from Susan Kalhje.  So far I think I like using it – although it is a little tight on my wrist.  When I learned to sew, we all had to wear wrist pin cushions; however the last few that I have had have either fallen part or kept slipping off my wrist (maybe that’s why they need to be so tight) or were just uncomfortable.  Having a wrist pin cushion really does help because it keeps the pins out of my mouth!  Now there is a bad habit that needs to be broken!


3 thoughts on “Birthday for Myself

  1. Karin says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ve tried to subscribe to Burda, they sent me an email and have still not got back to me!? There system for subscribing doesn’t seem to automated?!? Weird. I’ll keep driving to the next town up. Even if I don’t actually sew anything out of it, I get as much pleasure from it or more than from a normal fashion magazine.

  2. KC says:

    Who sells Burda in Glendale? I’ve never managed to catch up with it anywhere out here in the analog world!

    Is your blog recently redesigned or do I just not remember how pretty it is?

    • sewforward says:

      Barnes & Noble in the Americana sells Burda. It is the ONLY Barnes & Noble in LA Co – at least that I have seen. The nice thing too is that B&N gives you additional free parking as well. Which, I guess, probably just encourages me to ‘buy’ more! LOL!
      I did change my blog and am still learning about WordPress, too. I know my blog is missing some info (like a list of other blogs that I read, etc) maybe one day I’ll get there.

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