Vogue (OOP) 1907 Top


December 7, 2010 by Janna Roznos

I have been sewing, but not blogging.  So, I decided to take some time here – especially since I am not going into the ‘office’ today and highlight one item I have sewn.

This is an OOP pattern that I picked up in my Tailoring Class. Periodically students will donate sewing related items (mostly patterns and fabric) that they no longer want or need.  Of course, I love OOP patterns from the ‘80’s so I snatch this one up.  OMG! I used to wear my hair just like that. 

This it my completed top.  I used silk kimono pieces from Ah! Kimono.  I sewed the kimono pieces together in large sections then cut the pattern pieces from these sections. 

 I used French seams to sew it all together.  After I finished I decided the top was too short – so I added a border on the bottom.  Really simple and really easy, too.  I may have enough silk pieces to make another top.

 However, I think I would rather move on and sew up something else.


2 thoughts on “Vogue (OOP) 1907 Top

  1. KC says:

    That top is beautiful! Do you have a larger picture of it–maybe with you inside it? I can see it just peeking out over the Burda pants in the previous post but I want more!

    • sewforward says:

      Thank you for the comment. I will try and get a pic of me wearing the top – maybe tonight at my Tailoring Class I can ‘strong arm’ one of my fellow sewers to take a pic of me! LOL! Anyway – thanks again. Enjoyed reading your blog especially the trip to Micheal Levine’s. I think we all remember our first time in that store – definitely sensory overload.

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