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September 24, 2010 by Janna Roznos

Planning is done!  Now on to the fun!

For this blazer I choose to use  Burda pattern from  Burda Magazine Issue September 1997.  I picked this up at a quilt store for $1.00. 

The pattern in No. 105:

I used my High Bust measurement in order to choose the correct size for me and I will be sewing up the 42.  I have traced out the pattern and have added 5/8 seam allowance on all the pattern pieces.

Once I test this pattern in a muslin then I will alter the seam allowances to suit the garment (i.e. 1” at the side seams/approximately ¼” at the neck and armscye and ‘to be determined’ length at the hem).  For tracing material, I used this block out paper.

The block out paper is readily available. I bought it at Home Depot for about $4.00. However, it isn’t quite as ‘see thru’ as the Sketch Paper which I buy at the art supply store, but I was able to make do.

Now I have pinned the garment together and have test fitted it on my dress form.

I can see where I am going to need to add (I always have to add in the hips).

Once I have made the alterations to the paper pattern I will be ready to cut the muslin/sew it up and test fit it again. 

Also, a new acquisition to my sewing library is this book:

I have already tried reading it and so far I have discovered that it is the cure for my insomnia – ugh!  But now, on to my muslin . . . but, of course, one last cat picture.


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